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35 Year Old · Male · From Hiram, GA · Joined on November 22, 2011 · Born on October 5th · I have a crush on someone!
35 Year Old · Male · From Hiram, GA · Joined on November 22, 2011 · Born on October 5th · I have a crush on someone!

yo, im single n looking for a real life gf, long distance is not a problem at first. im laid back kind of guy. never been married nor have i fathered any babies that im sure of. seen many fine ladies on fubar never really chatted with any in sb. i dont work i get a check from government enough to pay my bills and have a few hundred to spend but money is not every thing lol but it helps i guess but im here to meet friends n hang in lounges for good music n good chats with my friends im not looking to meet a bish thats for sure just dumped my ex because she is a control freak im 34 years young looking for a good lady with sexy looks n likes to laugh i know i can make u smile n giggle any ways thats all i got to say for now liken out peace

35 Year Old · Male · From Hiram, GA · Joined on November 22, 2011 · Born on October 5th · I have a crush on someone!
yeah so i write storys been at it for 2 years 5 books in the making one over 2.4k pages to pull from on final version chapter # 21 its about heaven and hell angels and devils and the rave scene in heaven real club kids of christ from my experiance as a club kid in the 90's no name yet for the book maybe liken arc angel of hell or something else i use my real friends from my life that were real friends and my family as charecters yeah so liken hoodoo magic man is me aka true blue baby brave with the blue feathered baby braids im a knight of the lord captain of the blue moon pack cavalry with bad ass airship runs off holy water lol got some great stories in it yeah man liken hoodoo magic man plays with holy fire he an angel after all so heavens all good perfect harmony yet hell is a hellish world with foul mouth sinful red black and white devils hell is in danger so im take my knights aka friends and family to hell to free a well know mother fucka named lucifer yeah lucifer cant give the details away.will finish next year some time editings a bitch beeing supported by my friends and family lol real cool and well needed. going to imortilize my crew in a book full of words and pics my uncle will draw the scenes for me i hope, i draw with crayons lol to give examples its fun to be a kid again other book about a fire fairy cant give much away on it's a kids story for my neices they got a fairy bible lol so im pull info from it. another about warewolves with a twist . another about a witch knight who rebels from his covent and is on the run another and a few other stories. i like to buy clothes too my sister april hooks me up regulerly with new threads thx sister love you lots kid love my mom and family and friends to death love fish aquarioums have a 135 gallon aquarioum with 4 nice size tiger oscars about 8 inches so far still under a year old had them from 2 inches have 2 sucker fish 1 goraromi 1 bad ass silver and black tiger striped shovel bill nose tiger cat fish all from the amazon river going to get a 3oo gallon one day love motercycles dads a biker from way back love to smoke that green daily 2 times on sunday lol yeah in not religious im spiritual down with christ for life talk to lucifer many times made peace with him been locked up many times in mental hospital for pskitsoprinia yeah im leagaly crazy kids but not evil bastard that will hurt you just see spirits and hear them true but not afraid take meds to help get a crazy check from goverment so got time to write my stories yeah man uncle sam was going to join the army at 21 but got sick so missed out on my dream my ex bro in law is a commander in the army rangers no joke he my hero saved me from 2 mexicans with baseball bats like an angel he apperead no shit lol commander jp true blue brave he in my story too. love to hang with my best friend jay-bird he in his 40s but we cool love my dogs colby samsun half pit half labs louie chiwawa cody mutt both my bed buds love wolves and werewolves lycans dragons mask elves giants wizards gorrilas many animals love all music pretty much love lyrics more than beats geting a set of turntables soon so dj liken will rise lol love hooters restraunt love going out to eat to see and be seen people wtacher for sure love hoodoo candle magic with psalms verses yeah hoodoo in the bible kids read it. they say drugs is witchcraft probaly so no i did my fair share lol but now only green do i partake in dont do ice hell i dont even use ice in my drinks lol drink cokes room temp since a kid love a females company and smile and the way the smell so darn great. wil add more time for us to go to jackson ga for turkey day so peace fubar nation

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