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58 Year Old · Female · Joined on September 10, 2011 · Born on October 16th · 6 different people have a crush on me!

Hi i am a very friendly outgoing person with lots of interests... i beleive in takeing the person for who they are and not what you want them to be... i am a very self motivated person.. i love life and my family... i also have a great personality i can make people laugh...I am not here for you to look at my picture and play withyourself or be disrespected by you... i know your mom taught you different.. so if you perv on me i will block you.. i am nice and deserve respect from others...please don't ask me to cam cause i won't.if we become good friends and i know you for awhile thats when i might give you my yahoo id... treat me the way you want to be treated...i am very nice but don't mistake kindness for misfortune..just because you might think i'm sexy doesn't mean i want to screw you....i am here to make good friends so stop asking me for nude photos.. and no i will not have sex with you either... If you would like to get to know me then don't be a sick and twisted perv...I won't tolerate it... I am here for friends only i realized that this site isnt what its cut out too be...i won't waste any more money on here and will rarely be on...i have made some good friends and come across some real idiots...

58 Year Old · Female · Joined on September 10, 2011 · Born on October 16th · 6 different people have a crush on me!
Well my interests are sports esp.. football love it. i also love wrestling , concerts horror movies.. i love hockey and ufc unleashed.. i also love fireplaces romantic dinners too...i love summer and the beach ...i also love metal favorite band is metallica they rock...
Well i am into rock and heavy metal my favorite is metallica, three days grace, acdc, linkin park, bon jovi, disturbed and more
Hi my favorite movies are horrors i like the old ones like the exorcist, halloween, saw, and texas chain saw original

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