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Swoop's blog: "Newer Junk"

created on 10/09/2006  |  http://fubar.com/newer-junk/b12092


When Misery is Gone how was it defined this raging sense of self the how and why of the who to pin it down to one word one thought...writer and then you came and took away those silent moments when lonely aches filled the mind with troubled words that spoke to other lonely hearts and left us all in the darkness of our own desires is it all to remain incomplete because of one simple question misery was the muse, so what now? have you cursed me with joy and dreams come true? what is the next evolution? A. M. G. More than Love when you opened my eyes with so gentle a touch when you asked for those words with tears in your silence when you lay beside me in sickness with or without health when you sang a love song with sincerity when you weren't just a dream with an unhappy ending when with you everything is possible A.M.G. 3.01.07 Mother Dearest no need for this condescension for the anger in your eyes and heart to shine down some thoughts are better left for the night alone in the dark with your bitter soul if the light shines bright enough will you light on fire and float away wonder if the things i did were just to be invisible from your mother mother complex if i close my eyes for a few more years will you disappear or will this last beyond forever no rhyme or reason to your acid "love" your words remembered the curse of an empathic and an unhealed heart
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