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46 Year Old · Female · From Melbourne VIC, Australia · Joined on August 12, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 23rd · 19 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
46 Year Old · Female · From Melbourne VIC, Australia · Joined on August 12, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 23rd · 19 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

wondering for the umpteenth time why she didn't take a cab but decided to walk instead after all it is a balmy night.
not paying attention she misses a turn and continues down the street into an darker part of town. unknowingly she has already become a target behind her footsteps begin to trail hers at first she doesn't notice them but as the draw near she turns and sees nothing, shadows the wind rustling in the trees. She walks faster her heart pounding, like prey she senses the danger but she cannot see it. looking for escape down the next street almost running now gasping when she realizes its not a street but an ally she came down , a dead end.

So dark turning to go back the way she came she sees him stalking her getting closer. Frantically searching for a way of escape at the same time backing away from him not letting him get closer. eyes darting everywhere, not seeing the garbage can behind her she falls hard on her back stunned for a sec shaking her head, looking for him realizing he has gotten much closer she gets to her feet stumbling further into the ally terrified. She knows she cant escape, shes trapped. suddenly her back hits the wall. Hes is so close now she can see the outline of his hair, hear his breathing. He knows she is his, he can smell her fear, it fires his blood,making his desire for her hot and heavy.

All he has to do is reach out and she is his, wonders if she will fight him, hoping she will. He can hear her breathing. He attacks grabbing her arms she try s to scream he covers her mouth, pinning her arms above her she trys to kick him, covering her legs with his body he whispers in her ear do what you are told and you wont get hurt! She stops struggling against him, he drags her into one of the abandoned buildings. So dark and dank rats scurry as he walks through, she shivers thinking only of escaping him her breathing ragged in her panic her eyes wild.

In a split second he has her tied tightly to a support beam in the center of the building, her arms tied behind her her legs tied together, she try s to scream again his hand covers her mouth he puts a gag in her mouth his hot breath in her ear raspy. he rips her shirt open revealing her big breasts to his view her chest heaving "Mhhhmmgh"she cry s knowing that she cant move cant do anything to prevent it. She feels his hard cock through her clothes pressing into her, she struggles against him but it only seems to inflame his desire.

He rips the skirt from her body "Mmmmffhgh" she cry s her eyes begging him not to hurt her. He reaches for a nipple with his fingers pinching it making her gasp then the other they harden against his hand, he rips the thong from pussy exposing it to his eyes, she shivers as the cool air in the building touches her bare skin. Opening his pants sliding out his big cock she gasps at the sight knowing she is about to be taken, used for his pleasure. Her body responds she wonders why she finds in her terror it oddly exciting. He unties her legs and one arm turning her to face the beam he re ties her arm and spreads her legs hobbling her, struggling as hard as she can but he is to strong for her.

God he wants her, she is his. There is no escape and his cock is so hard hes panting at the thought of taking her hot pussy. Sliding it down the crack of her ass. A sheen of sweat covers her skin from her struggles, though it is cool against his rock hard cock. She doesn't know it but the harder she struggles the hotter it gets him. Omg she is wet he rams it home deep inside her impossible tight pussy in one thrust she cry s out MHNGHFFF against the gag in her mouth ohhh god she is so tight, he feels his control slipping knowing he wont last long, his excitement too intense.

As he thrust into her, her body responded immediately becoming very wet her nipples tightened even harder. She wonders how she is so turned on by the loss of control, the terror and the feel of his hard cock fucking her tight little pussy. She moans against the fabric of the gag gasping her breath coming fast as her takes his pleasure. She is so close to cummming so hot so wet. He fucks her savagely harder and faster his balls slapping her ass, moaning completely lost in his desire. He hears her crying out against the gag, her pussy tightens and ripples feeling the cum run down his cock. Unable to hold off any longer he fills her full of hot cum moaning hard trying not to yell as it over takes him.

Catching his breath he whispers did you like that bitch! Being my little cum slut. Mhmmmfgh trying to talk. He takes the gag out of her mouth placing his hand over it to prevent her from screaming. He unties her hands and legs making her get on her knees. Close your eyes bitch and count to 500 out loud if you stop counting your dead. When you reach 500 open them. Getting dressed he takes his bindings and her underwear as a trophy. making his escape as he turn to leave he says I cant hear you Bitch start over. She comply s shivering in her terror 1,2,3,4,5. She reaches 500 opening her eyes she looks around there is no one there she grabs her clothes and leaves.

Later in the week she thinks back over what happened to her, and instead of being scared it turns her on.....

46 Year Old · Female · From Melbourne VIC, Australia · Joined on August 12, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 23rd · 19 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
Is this real or in my dreams
My worlds unraveling at the seams
You have my heart now take my soul
This cyber love is what makes me whole

I can't believe what's happening to me
Your face so perfect that I've never seen
Your lips so soft I may never touch
I only feel the keyboard I clutch

I need you now I need you forever
In an electric world to be together
A surreal place that plays with the mind
In a cloned world of two of a kind

I consume your words they filter inside
No matter what I do I can't seem to hide
My trembling hands awaiting the rush
When I feel you near to resume this crush

Your my everything my unyielding desire
the spark to the match before it lights fire
The angel within that whispers my name
Controlling the moves in this wicked game

This cyber love Is why I awake
This cyber love is my only escape
The time has come I feel it in my spine
When I look toward the melancholy light and see your on-line.
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