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62 Year Old · Male · Invited by: Synful Syntra a... · Joined on August 9, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 16th · I have a crush on someone!
62 Year Old · Male · Invited by: Synful Syntra a... · Joined on August 9, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 16th · I have a crush on someone!

Please click on my Id photo, then click on my album of photos entitled "Wrapped up in a pair of endless legs". Read the captions as you look at the photos to quickly find out what this page is all about. I am 54 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall and 180 lbs. I am a trumpet player, trumpet teacher, recording engineer, music publisher and distributor. My musical pursuits can be found on Facebook and Myspace. This Fubar page is dedicated to my hobby / pastime / recreation / deviation / unhealthy obsession / too much fun to stop / REALLY / it's never toooooo much fun / but I am spending an awful lot of time on this / so maybe I should take up golf / Are you serious - GOLF? / NAW, I think I'll stick with MIXED WRESTLING. If you wish to come out and play, read on. Cyber-players are welcome too, after all the internet is MOSTLY for goofing off when you REALLY should be doing something else anyway.

Mixed Wrestling is the wrestling catagory for matches between a man and a woman. I'm a discreet participant in several mixed wrestling clubs in Montreal. Any sessioning women visiting Montreal that I have not met through the WB270 list are welcome to get in touch. I use Fubar to uncover new amateur contacts, but any professionals who happen to stumble accross this profile are welcome to touch base with me too. If you are a Dom, please don't contact me unless you are an experienced wrestler. If I am approached by a professional and find her appealing, I will arrange a professional encounter on mutually agreed terms.

My preferred characteristics of a recreational wrestling partner is someone over thirty-five years of age who would simply like to give this a try; or is already experienced, and like me, is also trying to find new opponents. If you are younger and determined to prove me wrong, feel free to get in touch. This is a legitimate search for an intelligent, open-minded woman, who would like to share this experience. I am not looking to hook up with anyone. I simply hope to find additional participants for this activity in or near Montreal.These matches are strictly for mutual entertainment. I enjoy training novices as well as being challenged by experienced women. There are many variants from competitive athletic matches to more recreational and sensual encounters. Role-playing or handicap themes can be incorporated, which also allows for the size differences that you encounter between men and women. I have no strong preferences or prejudices favouring larger or smaller women, nor do I prefer any particular type of physique.

I combine wrestling with my other hobby, which is amateur film making. I make anywhere from five to eight scripted fantasy style and/or athletic wrestling videos a year, when I find the appropriate mix of talents and ideas for a specific project. I have been doing this for over twenty years, so my ability to protect your privacy is well demonstrated. I have made three films that are more mainstream in content, and with all the cast's consent, have been shown to selected audiences. Most of my films have been made with amateurs for our mutual amusement, but over thirty were made with a cast that included some paid professional talent. Wrestling themed films are definitely physical work, but it does pay you substantially more than most semi-professional acting roles, so this can be an excellent opportunity for an athletic actress. This is an activity that requires you to be physically fit, but my most memorable experiences have been with women who have relished exploring the psychological component of wrestling a man, so you do not need to be a super athlete to participate. Some of my best fantasy videos have been made with dancers, so don't be shy if you have confidence in your physical talents but aren't experienced at acting. Enthusiasm for the idea will also go a long way to make up for lack of skills, so email me if you think you’d like to give this a try.

I would be a willing partner for any related mild dominant/submissive fetishes that you might enjoy; so if you squeeze my itch, I'll scratch yours. If you are a lady with strong thighs (and any other interesting strengths) seeking a male head to squeeze between your legs; I'm waiting to hear from an active, imaginative and intellectually curious lady who is confident that she will impress me with her physical and mental agility, flexibility, and strength.

62 Year Old · Male · Invited by: Synful Syntra a... · Joined on August 9, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 16th · I have a crush on someone!

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