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19th July 2011


Thermal Conductivity of Air Versus Sand-Advantage of LED Sand Bulbs

Let me first say that I am not saying sand is the best thermal conductor.Just as aluminum is not the best electricial conductor.I am simply improving the removal of heat from hot spots on the printed circuit board by application of a low cost method that is readily available and non toxic with no effect on the environment.

It is known that air is a poor thermal conductor with a thermal conductivity of just .02.It is also known that sand has a thermal conductivity of .15.This means that LED Sand Bulbs increase thermal conductivity away from the led leads at a rate 7 times greater than traditional LED bulbs.The mass rate is also greater than Led light bulbs using aluminum heat sinks due to the surface area covered and density.

When we focus on extending the life of led bulbs,it is clear that this method has merit and does not affect pricing.

Should repairs ever have to be made,it is simply a matter of draining the sand from the bulb.

Our led sand bulbs will always be just $11,with free shipping in the United States.


Order at http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_electronics?_encoding=UTF8&node=172282&field-brandtextbin=Jeannie%20Smart%20Systems


Visit http://freeincome4u.proboards.com and go to Green Automation and Energy Conservation.

Email me at plc2plc2led@gmail.com for further information and purchase options.

Thanks for your time,Ed

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