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33 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 9, 2006 · Born on October 3rd
33 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 9, 2006 · Born on October 3rd

I'M NAKED... and that makes you perverted, how could you?

I am funny, but only in my head, most of my jokes you won't understand because you don't know what's going on in my head, it's weird cause I find myself funny as hell, when I tell you a joke I'll end it and you'll ask me to go on, but the stories over and you'll just be looking at me funny!
Ignore me, I'm invisible... invisible with my juggling! Oh yes, I have long hair and a bass guitar, I'm listening to Frank Sinatra and I'm drinking coffee, got a problem? no? dammit. I'm big and scary and you don't like me, I'm not cute I just have a good publicist, I hear I am a dumbass and no you do not like me, go away, I dislike things, lots and lots of things *shakes fist in pseudo-rage*
Well, what else can I say to get you to dislike me, some of you have the strangest idea I'm a nice guy.. you're wrong, well, let's see, you won't find me clean shaven, I do not wear a suit, when asked to describe me visually random people responded "1950's Oklahoma farm boy.. with long hair" I do not smile and I sing regardless.. shoo
So, many of you still don't understand, I'm not a nice person, I'm not cute and the fact is, it doesn't bother me, I'm boring, I'm slow and I'm iritating, I'm quite possibly smelly and I'm really not worth your bother.. *holds up a keep-moving sign* there's someone better just a few profiles on, go see them..
As you can probably guess, or most likely not considering I've not written much, but I actually write, alot, it's a favoured past time of mine, fiction, non-fiction, random poetic crap, I write it all.

33 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 9, 2006 · Born on October 3rd
Well, I watch anime, currently following Bleach and .hack//roots (go team), I'm a weird scifi type, so Doctor Who and the Outer Limits, I read, Terry Prachett and Robert Rankin are my favourite authors, started getting into Trudi Canavan, butI'll finish the Black Magician Trilogy before commiting, anyone who comes up to me and mentions "davinci code" will get slapped with issue 1 of Preacher, it's better, it's funnier and it's original, let's face it, that's what this world lacks anymore, if anyone wants to get technical go for it, I get bored and random
Well, I like music, you can label me as what ever you like, but I have some varied and often weird taste in music, SR-71, Ramones, Alkaline Trio, Dead Kennedies, Sixteen HorsePower, Voltaire, it's all good *grins* Yeah, I'm into (what is classified as) Indie-Folk-Goth music, I'm into punk, rock, metal, oh and I grew up on Elvis, the kinks, moody blues, I mastered air-guitar when I was about 13.

Okay, whoever can tell me the song title and band will earn a cookie (note, management reserves the right to exchange the cookie for something of equal or greater value without notification)
"And now it's there to see, you've forgotten me, ever since I was a prince among the thieves, so you hold me down, strip away my crown, can't contain me knowing all the truth I've found"
Send your answers to.. well... me... SEND NOW
Video Games
I'm a total rpg geek, but let's start from the beginning, Tetris and Super mario on the original GameBoy, Newzealand Story on the Amiga and Space Invaders on the Atari,fast forward, we're playing sonic and remembering the jubilation that lone day I defeated the game, how many hours did it take? and did we have save files? That took skill, then GoldenEye and Zelda: Ocarina of Time (by this point I started amasing games, so I'll keep my listing down to the core games) then Final Fantasy 7, the turning point of my gaming life, I focused on rpg's, got into manga and anime, so I grew and I took my games with me, several years later I can't even remember all the games i owned, but I still remember how to master FF7 completely, insert evil laughter here

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