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46 Year Old · Joined on November 1, 2006 · Born on September 2nd
46 Year Old · Joined on November 1, 2006 · Born on September 2nd

hmm, well let me say wot i could on this page about myself. I the passionate stuff but kinda gentle, loving and verry caring kind of human. Yeh!! People say I'm an intellectual felow with a great sense of humor, well, i confirm that myself and wot do u think? lol, wot do u say? sorry repeat that again, lol u knew me b/4? u havent know me yet, or do u? lol. Emmm i'm also friendly and moost of all i have a Godly heart. Not married yet and i have no kids save from my loving and carring families. Khai, I have a loving an a verry prouding top have families, consisting of 2 sisters before me and 2 brothers after me, lol I fall at the middle and well u should know now that i'm the first Son, but the third born. I love them verry much, I can go to any length to please them and make them happy, if not for any thing my family is enough for me to praise God for the rest of my life. And wot else... ok ok my hobies, they are Reading, listening to news, swimming, playing basket ball, soccer, traveling, having trips under cool and somooth weather coundition, u know I like 2 live a free life, I shoulder problems like I never have any and wotever u can think of that could a man happy and that could make other happy through such person are all my hobbies I told u earlier that im caring anyway. Lest I forget Bill gate invented computer but not even him or any other person in the world can beat me in computing!!! lol kidding anyway, I like computer a lot and like browsing, meting new friends and and and well ask me wot else you want to know... Get Your Own! | View Slideshow

46 Year Old · Joined on November 1, 2006 · Born on September 2nd
Huh!!! firstly, lots of things interest me just think of anything nice, things that makes one great. I dont think i have much to say on this. Now, Here we are!!! you know about me and u might by now know think of the kind of person that interest me or that I may like to meet if u think u fall amoung "smile" just mail me at sayhi2bidxkos@yahoo.com lets be friend. Now, whom i like to meet u can't know me more than myself. I will firstly like to meet someone who likes adventure and caring, never worry if u are the shying type, if u have a truely friendly heart and dont hide too much of urself like u are free to pple, den consider urself as a friend of master bidxkos. Someone who's straight farward and open minded who doesnt counts shedding those tears or falling tirdly on my shoulder a sin is also a good friend of mine. someone who doesn't care about what but who I am and who also like to meet new pple ans care less of who ppl say of him/her, em em emmm well u join all these to whom u think i may be wanting or like to meet if u think u are right and lets forget about this chapter

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