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sh*t faced!
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32 Year Old · Male · From Park Hills, MO · fu-Owned by Moxie Kinky Mel... and is worth 100,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on October 1, 2009 · Born on November 30th · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

Who the fuck're you, and why do we care? No we dont have a split personality. I talk to myself cause it's fun and who else will talk to a loser like me shunned from society for being so bold to be different. I can stop if I want to but why would I want to have the life of a normal ignorant person like you taking lifes misfortunes for blessings I mean what kind of shit is that. Life is a constant turmoil, a battle fought were your will is put to the highest of test and stretched to its farthest of limits. This struggle will never be won and we must all face the fact that we will lose this on going battle.

There is no escape from life there is no certain destination but only a purpose for the meaning but no one knows the purpose so its all a delusion of insight to be complete to know everything that is the goal of one. To know everything is to be a lie for when you know everything then you know that there is much more to learn. If life was a destiny then why would your path be changed so much is it to stop you from ever knowing what your truly trying to accomplish or to keep you going when there is no point of going on. Life is just a problem always contradicting itself changing every second never having a solution, but only making new paths to be crossed then closing off those new paths and making a whole new set of paths. When we are told that at the end of everything there is a solution we are being lied to. To have a solution is to know every single aspect to the problem in which in the first place is not known and seeing how no one knows everything there is never a answer to a solution but only a conclusion or a guess that someone has made up in trying to find an answer and others believed in it. In that case everything could be solved by a guess that someone comes up with and gets others to believe in.

You have enter a place of solitude for all who need to relax step back take a few hits then continue on with your busy life‚¢m sorry for all you pot heads who have the munchies everything else you pot heads should enjoy. So stop reading this and fucking do something already i know that your not missing that many brain cells.

You need to runaway, but there is no place to go. Your best chance is to stick with what you know.
Running in circles, you will lose your mind, looking for a place you cannot find.
A place where this evil will disappear. A place so far from here.
Someday you will be free. No longer will you suffer from this anxiety.
All these ideas are just a dream. Soon you will wake up and scream.
Maybe there is no escape, that is what you fear, but soon you will see things clear.
Going down hallways, breaking down doors, eventually you'll trip and fall to the floor.
You got to get back up, and try again. You see something and start to grin.
You look harder, and now you see things clearer. It's your reflection in the mirror.
Your appearance looks different. You don't feel the same. Now you have accepted this evil game.
You won't let it control you anymore. Now it's time to settle the score.
Make them pay for all your pain. It is their fault you went insane.
They drove you crazy. Now you can't sit still, waiting for something to kill.

32 Year Old · Male · From Park Hills, MO · fu-Owned by Moxie Kinky Mel... and is worth 100,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on October 1, 2009 · Born on November 30th · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
Lost and found too crazy to be controled hand me another drink and pass that lil bottle pop a few to set me off right

Why must I suffer? Why must I care? What seemed so clear before is now as shaded as what I must endure. I can feel my blood rushing to my hand longing for blood to be poured upon it, and my brain tearing apart from with in me from every word I think about. My heart trembling with fear of what I'm able to do with such hatred of another human being. My hand shaken from the thought that it could do such harm, but yet still ready to do what so ever my mind wants to do.

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