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1. I am 30 years old but feel 230 most days 2. I donít like children but yes I do have one son I gave birth to and one that I steal and soothe when I want 3. I went to college for four years obviously just to rack up lots of debt 4. I love my friends more than I do my family 5. I found my soul mate once in the form of a pooch - my lil Zeppelin, he was my soul mate if ever I had one 6. I have no desire to ever be married, hell not sure I ever want another committed relationship at this point 7. I think that stupidity drives people to do even dumber things than they ever thought possible 8. I believe that there are things in life that just can not be forgiven, moved past but never forgiven 9. I donít believe people when they say the drugs or alcohol made them do it - I firmly believe you only do things that you would do anyway but have found an ďoutĒ for 10. I donít believe in making excuses for behavior no matter what they are - I do what I want and make no apologies for doing so 11. I do not ask anyone to do something that I myself would not do and expect the same respect from them, and this applies in ALL areas of life 12. I have a stressful job that I learned quickly that most people only pretend to have respect for 13. I love sex and would spend my life in bed if I could 14. I will not waste my time on a lover who is no good - past the age where I want to train people completely - Iíll work with a good subject to train properly but not completely 15. I have rules about sex and if I think I may have sex with you I will share them with you - there are not that many though so it is a short talk 16. I do enjoy some things in bed that others consider freaky or kinky but will not change that part of me for others 17. I am a much more dominate than submissive person and have only met a few people in life that I would even consider being submissive to 18. I believe that sex is a two way street no matter what type of sex you engage in that each person has to give as much as they take 19. I think that the people that we find in life and connect with instantly that we should not so easily give up 20. I cry when my friends cry because I donít want to see them hurting 21. I live my life the way I want and to please only me never anyone else 22. I do who I want, when I want, where I want, and how I want and donít answer questions about it later 23. I think if you are in a monogamous relationship that you need to make sure that the other person feels the same way that you do 24. I think that just because you love someone with all you have does not mean that person even thinks of you at all 25. I donít think you should ever take anything for granted in life no matter how small or reasonable it seems to do so 26. I think that you can only truly hate someone you once loved and that hate will eventually go away because you will remember why you once loved them 27. I think that people take sex too seriously and need to lighten up about the matter 28. I think that most days life is too serious to be taken seriously so we need to laugh and move on 29. You should treat everything in life as a puppy - if you canít eat it or chew it piss on it and walk away 30. You should remember that when you are getting fucked by life to add lube, bite your lip, and enjoy the ride 31. Oh my favorite thought ever (which I sent via text to everyone) sometimes happiness is just a tongue away so you should always be a good friend and stick out your tongue 32. Lastly I will leave you with this - unless they are in your bed with you donít worry about who they are fucking itíll only hurt you in the end
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