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35 Year Old · Male · From Brooklyn, NY · Joined on May 22, 2006 · Born on September 20th
35 Year Old · Male · From Brooklyn, NY · Joined on May 22, 2006 · Born on September 20th

iight my name is Michael Stanley Jr. but i go by Looney/Looneveli, or Stanley, or Fizz, or Scarlet Weapon/Scarlet the WMD... i DO have a gf, so ladies, when i give u complements on your beauty, dont think im tryna get at yall like that, if i say somethin that make u think i want u like that, im just jokin around, after all, im just hear to have fun.... iight, im a yung nigga, im not REALLY 17, i just cant change it to my true age, shit wont work.... um i rep Brownsville, Brooklyn to death, if u aint got nuttin good to say about Brooklyn dont come @ me wit negativity, i dont appretiate that shit... im a small dude, 5'4" like 115 or some shit, but dont underestimate me, i got more strength than most dudes... im not the pretty boy type, meanin i will fight yo ass if u disrespect, im not afraid of my face gettin messed up, i rather be ugly wit Pride of a Warrior, than pretty wit a pussy status.... holla @ me if u want more~1~

35 Year Old · Male · From Brooklyn, NY · Joined on May 22, 2006 · Born on September 20th
Likes: Cartoons, Anime, Comedy, other ignorant shit on TV, Ramen Oodles n Noodles, Lucky Charmz Cereal, Berry Lucky Charms, Rice Krispies, Rice Krispies Treats(cereal and treat), Berry Krispies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cereal Mascots in general, except 4 that new Cookie Crisp wolf the old dog was better..., Guns, Street Fighter games, Chinese Food, Sushi, Hamburgers wit Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Barbeeque(how the hell do u spell it?) sauce, Heroes wit Turkey, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pepper, Vinegar, and Mustard cause it smells like a Peanut that way, Sandwiches in General, Oreos, Dora the Explora Cookies/Galletas, Dora the Explora, Boots, Bob the Builder, the Juggernaut, Magneto, Evil Ryu, Evil Ken, Shin Akuma, Apple Jelly, Cherry Jelly, Minute Maid Juices, 50 cent Sodas, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Ninja Turtles, the Old Power Rangers fuck that STD shit... Gargoyles, The Tick, Ren and Stimpy, Angry Beavers, Invader Zim, Fairly Oddparents, Kenan and Kel, Mad TV, Scary Movie 1-4, Return of the Living Dead 3, Liar Liar, Chris Rock's comedy, Bernie Mac's Comedy(yall cant fuck wit the Mac Man), speakin of MacMan, Pacman, Ms.PacMan, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, Super Metriod, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Legend of Zelda: Links awakening, Legend of Zelda: both Oracles, Super Smash Bros. 1&2(i want 3), CastleVania, and a lot of other shit that i can even think of right now~1~
Tupac Shakur(mad albums b4 and after death), the Game of course, Dipset(mainly JR n Hell Rell), Eazy-E, NWA, Ice Cube, Ludacris, Clipse, Lil Wayne, Grand Puba, Shyne, Jay-Z(Brooklyn all day my nigga), BIG(yall niggas aint on his level, 2 albums and get more play then mad nuff niggas), the Older Snoop(his new shit aint as gangsta), Eminem, Cypress Hills, Lil John, Beenie Man, MJB all day, Cherish, Mya, Mariah, Kelly Rowlands(i think thats her last name got dammit), so basically, i love rap, older reggae, and some R&B
mad nuff movies, Comedies, and Zombie or Vampire shit

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    Today is I Love You Day!!Today is I love you day!!I LOVE YOU! Send to 7 people you love dearly whether it's friendship love or real love. If you get 5 back your spoiled__________, .-'Y _^-,______, .-'^H E , -^_^-, .._, .-'^ R S , .-^_______..|_.. H E , .-^____________k__.., .-^_________________i________________________ss________________________kis_______________________skiss_______________________kissk______________________isskiss____________________kisskisskis__________________skisskisskisski________________sskisskisskisskissk______________isskisskisskisskisskiss____________kisskisskisskisskisskisskis_________skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss_______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskissk______isskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis_______skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis~*~*~YOUVE JUST BEEN KISSED~*~*~PASS THIS KISS AROUND TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS YOU CARE ABOUT THEM!!!!!IF YOU GET A KISS BACK YOUR FRIEND CARES FOR YOU

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    Where you been sexy

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  • Someone ⇒ Scarlet

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