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Male · Joined on May 8, 2009
Male · Joined on May 8, 2009

Cool guy looking for fun open minded people to entertain me and be entertained. I don't need your drama, i have a life to and sometimes its hard, suck it up. I want to escape the craziness of the day to day grind from time to time. Love sports, outdoors, sexy women, and a good steak!

Male · Joined on May 8, 2009
i work way too much. I come on here for a distraction, forget about the stress of the day! i hate drama, got enough stress with owning my two businesses, don't need yours. What i do like is fun open girls, up for whatever, just chillin and chattin or being sexy as hell. i am a fun guy, who is cool to talk with and more. so you like the idea, hit me up
love music: smashing pumpkins, foo fighters, nirvana, pearl jam, john mayer, eric clapton, jimmy buffett, brad paisley, kid rock, tupac. anything that doesn't suck.

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  • jordn35 whose on tonight, come chat im working late
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