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Wow! I dont even know where to start! That concert totally rocked! JJ and I first got there and the first band was still playing we watched them and the next band for a bit, Than JJ wanted to get some drinks so I told him only go with if he bought me one lol. When I went to the bathroom some girl was giving this guy a a blowjob in the bathroom stall with it open lol and I was like oh my gosh lol so I just went into the other stall and went. Than when the stage was getting ready for 30 seconds to mars come out and play all these people just pushing I was like wtf lol. But than when they came on IT WAS FANTASTIC! Jared Leto on stage there singing oh my gosh he totally rocked wow that was great. Than in one of the songs this girl was all dancing and than started grinding on me I was like hey Ill take that :P so I got in on it with her. Than JJ started going to a mosh and I followed and we started moshing for a bit than it stopped. They played one of their heavy songs and I saw a huge mosh going on and I was like JJ lets go! but he didnt want to so I just went on ahead and wow I got in a HUGE MOSH wow lol it was totally crazy I was pushing people everywhere and being pushed lol I stumbled a couple of times but the people helped me up right away so it was all good. Oh man, that mosh was intense I loved it lol even though I was tired out after it it totally rocked still. I was screaming the whole time thats why my voice hurts now lol along with my whole body from the moshing. I hurried than to the line where they were gonna sign stuff and there was a huge line already there but once they started signing stuff It went along fairly well I was only in line for like an hour and got my cd signed woohoo!!!! But, I didnt get a picture with me and Jared Leto :( they wouldnt let me I got a picture of him and the others though and I got some pics of him while he was on stage singing. As we were leaving these crazy black dudes kept coming by us asking for money and stuff I was like ahhhh lets get out of here haha j/k I wasnt I just walked 2 my car without saying anything. OH MY GOSH THAT CONCERT TOTALLY ROCKED!!!! I LOVED IT AND GOT TO SEE JARED LETO AND TALK TO HIM!!!!
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