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created on 11/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/my-profile/b21769
I'm back from my trip to Salt Lake City! I had so much fun! I'm so glad I went and it was great to see my family and all of my old friends! I guess I'll begin on the day I arrived. It will explain how this was THE best feature dance trip I've EVER experienced. First I arrive at the SLC airport around 7pm and go down to collect luggage, I'm greeted by Brandy and Tom of Golden Trails! Two of the nicest people you'll ever want to meet! We made it to the Little America hotel and checked in. The hotel looks good so far. We get into the room and... wow, this ain't no Best Western! Which I'm usually shoved into when I go on the road! Golden Trails went all out for me and I'm so grateful for it! The next morning, we had to get a UTAH ID, this wasn't going to be a problem because I lived in UTAH and had an ID already, which wasn't expired, I just lost it. So we get to the DMV and trouble ensues. All of my paper work was under my current name, and the DMV had my paper work under my maiden name so they didn't want to give me the ID because my paper work didn't match. After about an hour, they finally gave in and gave me my ID with the WRONG name. But everything sorted itself out and we headed back to the hotel...
Trying to remeber what we did in order is very difficult, and I wish I wrote this stuff down durning the trip, but it was so crazy I really didn't have the time to do it. But I'm trying my hardest to remember! So, after the DMV we went back to the hotel and and tried to rest for a bit, but had to pick up my makeup artist, Josef, and his girlfriend, Claire Adams at the airport, and also rent a car for us so Tom didn't have to cater to us the whole time we were there. I feel bad taking advantage of people's services! Around 5pm, Aiden went with Tom to the airport to rent the car and pick them up, while I stayed in the nice warm hotel bed and watched TV :) The weather in SL wasn't that bad actually and it only rained a little bit on the last day we were there. So earlier that day we went to the park and the bird zoo. I got into makeup at the hotel and we were off to the club for the first night of dancing! I was so nervous the whole time, thinking about it. Who would I see? What would they think? When I got up on stage for the first show I could feel my lip quivering on its own and I had to cover it with a prop feather I had. It was so embarassing! I hope no one saw! After about 30 seconds, I lost all nervousness and it felt just like any other show I've done. Most of the time I get that feeling the first time I'm about to go up on stage, but it goes away so quickly when I get up there, its so weird. The first night, the club had a good turn out, but not like the next few days...
That night, it was so great, all of the house girls, waitress, and everyone were throwing me handfuls of money! (Thank you so much Grant!) I've never been treated so well at any other club or signing anywhere! They actually gave me my own dressing room with my OWN bathroom! At most clubs, my dressing room is the general public restroom :( They even gave me personalized Belladonna towels! They made us food every night after my shows and were basically just there for whatever I needed! After I danced, I spent some time with fans and friends who wanted to meet me. I shot polaroids for them as well. This night, the line was not very long, so I got in and out fairly quickly. But there is one girl in particular who came all the way from N.Y.C. and saw my show all 3 nights. She came up to meet me after everyshow and got a couple polaroids each time. I fucking LOVE this girl! She is so amazing and the MOST supportive of any fan I know! If you're reading this, you know who you are, and I don't want to say your name out of respect for you, but I don't know how to thank you for everything you've done for me! I will definately make it up to you for sure!!! :) Went back to the hotel around 2am and watched Borat with Josef and Claire! I was so tired, I fell asleep less than half way through and kept hearing Aiden and Josef laughing, I had to keep yelling at them to shut up! We had breakfast the next morning in the little cafe. Today we went to the Gateway, its an old railroad station turned into an outdoor shopping center. After that, we went to eat at Olive Garden. Worst food ever. Back to the hotel and back into makeup and back to the club we went...
The second night was a much bigger crowd! But with more people, brought more cigarette smoke :( It was so thick and nasty in there all of our eyes were red and burning. We dealt with it thought, at least we didn't have to spend all night out in it. We could come back to the dressing room as we pleased :) The night came and went and we found ourselves waking up again and getting room service this time. Today was a busy day because I had an interview and photoshoot scheduled with the Salt Lake City Weekly, an independent, liberal newspaper. The interview took about 2 hours and the photoshoot was at two different times, one of me in normal clothes, and one of me madeup for my dance show. I don't know when the paper will come out, but I hope to get some copies! It was actually more of a story than an interview, and It's supposed to be a cover story. I have two more phone interviews to do with them before the story gets published. Back to the last day at the club, tonight was a very good night, lots of people, lots of fun! The whole trip was very fun and full of excitement and I'm so glad I got to go back to SLC to dance! This was my last feature dance gig, as I have retired from dancing, but I told them if they ever wanted me back, I would come out of retirement, ONLY for them! Thanks so much to everyone who came to see me, the club for having me, Grant, Tom and Brandy for being so nice and caring! and to that special lady who supported my ass like no one ever has before!
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