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2nd Alarm Hotties COC

1. All 2nd alarm Hottie Prospects must have a verified salute & a minimum " 10 new pics " of yourself, 1 being full body.

2. All Hotties Must Be Female ( no exceptions ).

3. Must sign the COC ( code of conduct ) agreement below as a comment of "I AGREE " in order to be placed into voting procedure.

4. Shout Box & Fu Mail must be open to all Officers for communications. (Profile can't be set to friends only for this purpose unless all officers are made friends).

5. 2nd Alarm Hotties Homepage must be added to Your Family while being considered a Prospect & remain in your family after admittance.  FireChief (founder) must be added to your family as well but doesn't have to be in the top 7.  But as long as he's in  your family so that he can contact you at anytime when needed.  Also your Team Leader to be added to your top friend so they can contact you at anytime also.

6. All new Hotties will be assigned a Team Leader who we ask to be placed in top friends so they can contact you also.  Putting your Team Leader into Family would be nice if you got space & can do that.  But not a requirement.

7. You must add "2nd Alarm Hottie Prospect" to your name while awaiting results of the weekly voting done on the weekends. All  results sent by Monday unless something comes up.  Upon entry you'll remove "Prospect" from your name.

8. You'll start by F/A/R all 2nd Alarm Hottie Officers below ( Links Provided Below ).

9. Upon entry of getting a Team Leader you need to F/A/R the team your in . F/A/R of the rest of the group is to help your Family members as a Family.  We want our Family members to all move up towards #1.  If they don't Please let your team leader know.

10. NO 2nd Alarm Hottie will Defame, Abuse, Harass, or Threaten any other Family Member. If you find issues with a Family Member bring it to your Team Leader.  If found to be true by Officers you can be terminated from Family permanently.

11. Inorder to uphold organization among the group we need to follow a chain of command.  Family needs to always report to their Team Leaders . As a Group we encourage all members to speak freely to all our Family Team Officers. Management holds rights to revise and enforce the C O C accordingly.  If rules aren't followed you'll be sent an e-mail about it.  If infraction isn't resolved afterwards then you'll be asked to leave the Family.

12. We ask you as a HOTTIE member to repost bullies so we get ourselves out there as much as we can & grow bigger . Bigger our Family the more  F/A/R's & Rerates we get as an individual.  Keeping in contact with all family as much as we can helps make each other grow towards #1 as well.

13. In addition to being added as a Hottie. You putting the homepage link on your profile will surely help to get your team more attention as a whole to grow bigger and better and were always here to help you if you need us.

Love Chief & Deputy Chief Deb

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