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29 Year Old · Male · From Jonesboro, GA · Joined on April 26, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on February 6th · 5 referrals joined!

hello okay here something about me I juts left the air force after being 9 years and 4 months I didn't make the sgt list so I had to get out no worries I'm now just living it up back in GA and I'll be going in the reserves or the guard after about a yr break.I also like video games ps3,xbox 360 fps,rts computer games those types. when it comes to people I'm not that great around people I'm a nervous person and I can be annoying,arrogant,pain in the ass. I only get that way when people piss me off and get on my nerves or make assumption about me without trying to get know to know me, I also hate judgemental people and the ones who spread nothing rumors around trying to start shit. at least I try to take the time to get know someone and don't like to judge on first sight I try to get really get to know them. everyone is unique in there own way and have there own life style and there own opinion about certain things. I try not to interfere in someone else life and I let them make there own choices. that's one thing I cherise is FREEDOM!. the right to make your choices.

29 Year Old · Male · From Jonesboro, GA · Joined on April 26, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on February 6th · 5 referrals joined!
I'm into reading about the old civilizations Atlantis, Lemuria, MU things among those lines. Atlantis is the main one but I think it did exist at one point in one form or the other. I'm also interested in music mainly punk rock,metal,hip-hop,rap. I like to go the movies and big movie but I'm mainly ,like sci-fi and horror type of movies. I also like to read a lot fiction,scifi,mythologoy,drama. I also like to go out and have a good time have a few drinks hang out. I also like things that get my adrenline pumping skydiving,para sailing, rafting, base jumping. one day I would love to skydive again it was the best time of my life.
i like mainly punk rock,alternative,metal. linkin park, limp biskit,korn,atreyu,hollywood undead,disturbed,marilyn manson,killswitch engage,adema,live,p.o.d.,skindred,rob zombie,nirvana,avenged sevenfold,mudvayne,hed pe,u-2,gorillaz,papa roach. I do also listen to hip-hop and rap as well T.I.,lil wayne,bone thugs, ludacris, savage,V.I.C. david banner,twista,eminem. I listen to various types of music.
the best movies to me our indenpendence day, war of the worlds, the day the earth stood still, event horzion, mission to mars, red planet. I also like horror movies I have all the nightmare on elm st, friday 13th, halloween, child's play. The best one to me are stargate the movies and the Tv show b oth atlantis and sg-1. but my Tv show are the orginal transformers, G.I. joe,
Video Games
gears of war,ace combat the 4th one was the best to me good story line not so complaicated like all the others. Hawx,splinter cell all 5 of them ,call of duty,ghost recon,command and conquer all four of them civilization,blacksite area-51,area-51,end war,socom 1-3 metal gear all of them resistance,final fantasy VII,turning point the fall of liberty,world in conflict soviet assault. I like stratgeic types of games and first person shooters.

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