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49 Year Old · Male · From St Francis, MN · Invited by: 2032552 · Joined on October 9, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 20th
49 Year Old · Male · From St Francis, MN · Invited by: 2032552 · Joined on October 9, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 20th

I am single, positive, upbeat, outgoing and HONEST that shouldn't be a rare trait! I am NOT a player, I am NOT into games, I am NOT lazy & chivalry is not dead!! I have great family and friends with opportunities to play often!! My life lacks drama and i LOVE that!! I enjoy the country over the city but I do frequent both. I have MANY interests and I am willing to learn yours/more!! I have FUN doing most anything!! I like kids, they are our future, i have 3 beautiful daughters 26, 25 & 22 my older two daughters are married and I am a GRANDPA to 4 grandsons & 1 granddaughter the oldest is 5, OMG!! I a member in a deer, snowmobile & ATV club. I like outdoor pets, I have had many & I grew up in the country on a hobby farm on Minnesota's Iron Range! I like thunderstorms/sunsets, women you know what I mean! I like grilling, wild game is the best. I like to go to the cabin, boating, snorkeling, fishing, hunting, camping, etc I love Minnesota's seasons especially fall. I like to go to Vikings, Twins, St. Paul Saints, Wild and college sports games, our State Fair, Renaissance Festival, Country Fest(Cadott,WI), etc, etc, I stay active!! LQQKING for ONE non~smoking women to join me?

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49 Year Old · Male · From St Francis, MN · Invited by: 2032552 · Joined on October 9, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 20th
LQQKing for>>> A non-smoking fit~outgoing~athletic~curvy woman that I am compatible with, that has a lot of vacation time!! Tomboys, nurses & Moms welcomed too!! I am more interested in the person than their height or age! I do like a cute face, nice smile, longer hair, great _ _ _ _, a confident woman that can wear jeans, skirts, a dress if needed, etc. If I am going to have a partner I want to have fun with her, include her by my side & make her happy!!! FYI; I am done having kids of my own. There is A LOT more to me, don't be shy, "INTERESTED E-ME"!!
Music has not been a high priority for me....however, I love most music, I prefer music with a good beat that will get the blood pumping!! I listen to mostly old school 80's rock and today's Pop(101.3KDWB). I need someone to get me interested in country music, etc
Action adventure....I can sit through a romantic movie with a female partner, I do not care for horror movies. I do like going to the drive inn.(I know of 1 in MN) I like movies that are based on true events.
My Dad, RIP. I like good, honest people!
Video Games
I am NOT good at video games I do not play them, they are not active enough for me! If you are into video games great. I love being in the great outdoors. Want to be introduced to the great outdoors? I am YOUR GUY, toys & gear to share!!

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  • MnOrganDonor Awww life in Minnesota, mild for the most part, MISSING the snow tho. ANY ONE OUT THERE LOVE SNOW? Let me know! U all have a great February!!!!!
    • MnOrganDonor What is your average snowfall? Do people snowmobile there? Have you ever ridden? Our snow has been VERY MINOR in the southern half of MN this year so not much riding here. It's only OK along the North Shore. What did you do for Valentines Day? Me nothing I am single but LQQKing.... I hope you had a great weekend, Michael
      4 months ago · Reply
    • MnOrganDonor Hi thank you for the Holiday gift how did you find the time? I almost NEVER get a gift OR BLING, I am not active enough on Fu I guess. WI huh-the Midwest is full of hotties ...I was born in Kennosha WI at St Mary's, not many people know that! Since living in MN the Gopher state one thing I learned being born a WI Badger is you should see a Gopher hole after A Badger gets done with it!!LOL You take care, I wish you guys the best, Michael your neighbor!
      4 months ago · Reply
    • Juliet my hubby and I live in WI .. we love the snow unless it makes the road unpassable ...
      4 months ago · Reply
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