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Ok here it goes this place has been fun for while but i am tired of people trying to run others lives through computers it is crazy how seriously you fools take all this dumb ass drama.People want others to prove there self to them. I owe no one anything and never will.People think they can know each other through just a computer you have no idea how wrong you are. I will never conform to everyones idea of a dictatorship on a fucking internet community this shit is for fun.You think you are cool with your little clicks and all you are doing is talking trash about people to others and have no idea how dumb you look so i just sit back and fucking laugh at you and your petty little dramas.So it is Goodbye to you all and if anyone wants to get ahold of me just ask around someone can find me.P.S. To all my Juggalo's and Juggalette's MMFCL you will always be there for me and i for you MCL you can find me always with the Dark CircusBy the way Tony AKA Big Tyme this is what Deleteing a account really looks like YOU ARE A LIAR

Joined on September 5, 2006 · 2 referrals joined!
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