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Happy New year my fubar family and friends! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and personally I am glad it is over for another 12 months! I have kept my New Year's resolution, so far and have not smoked a cigarette in 24 days I am so proud! I am also proud of my daughter who is doing very well in school academically and in orchestra and color guard.

I could be happier in my personal (love) life, I am still waiting on my husband to get a job, yeah hes been here since August and still doesnt have a job which really really SUCKS! I am getting a little tired of supporting someone who is entirely capable of supporting themselves.

I am still missing being in the south and all my family and friends down there, especially my aunt and all my favorite hang outs. This place is so small and boring I feel like I am losing my mind! There is absolutely NOTHING to do in this little bitty one horse town :(

I guess I cannot complain too much, I could still be stuck in that miserable box (motel) with just a microwave to cook in lol. I do go out occasionally to the one bar we have here in town and sing karaoke but even that is pretty lame compared to my fave places down south.

So anyway just wanted to post a lil bit on here to keep it up to date, hopefully I will have something more interesting to tell you next time im on. If any of my friends and family on here would like to see me, send me money for a bus or plane ticket lol I will come see you!!! Love and kisses to all MUAH!! XOXOXOXO

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