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"Blue Moon"

December 31, 2009..the blue moon

         1. The third full moon in a three-month calendrical season that has four full moons.
         2. The second of two full moons occurring in the same month.

Our next Blue Moon will occur Aug. 2012

When time comes to read these words that I have written for you ...read with an open heart and know my words are true.

my first Grand-daughter Emerald my blooming flower shall my heart
enrich you to your ending days for I walk beside you always.

I wish you to take the time to smell the roses,
And collect a pocket full of poseys.
Take time to watch the wings of a dragonfly,
And go see that a willow really does cry.
Go run barefoot through a field of flowers,
Know yourself well;know your internal powers.
Watch the flames of a high blazing fire,
To see the dragons full desires.
Never blow a flame to put it out,
Should smother without a doubt.
Make a wish on a first seen star,
May your thoughts be true and up to par.
Sing a song out loud for all to hear,
You'll always have a listening ear...
Take a ride bareback on a Unicorn on its way to a hidden place,
Learn the true meaning behind a butterfly..look close for you may see a face.
Hold close the true meaning on unconditional love,
For it will be as gentle as the wings of a dove.
Know that death has many meanings but never a doom,
And if you use your imagination you can fly on a broom.
Smile and hold close to what you truly know,
Never run from the rain and play in the snow...
Know the circle is continuous  ...beginning, middle and end,
But the end is always a way to begin it all again.
Learn the last,the full,and first quarters of the moon,
Know the new,the full..and watch for the blue for it may be soon.
Know that the fairies hide within the deepest forest trees,
Hidden they stay for they wish to be free.
Always follow your heart for it never fails,
Never fear what lies beyond the broken rails.
Be truthful to yourself and to all those around,
And so with your mind shall stay level and sound.
If you shall stumble and fall pick yourself back up and always hold your head up high,
For in your hands you hold the truth...now spread your wings and fly....

With these words I surround you with my life and my will...
everything I ever was..I touch upon you my love and my faith
and with ever dream so shall it all come clear. I am a part of you as I am with my own...
my blooming flower...my love will carry you wherever you wish to go!!!


I sit upon a throne in judgment I shall never...I place my hand and with I endeavor..I walk with pride but yet see the pain ..for I see the loss I give love to gain.I spin the herbs for which I bless...and children linger for within I caress...I understand your pain for I see like no other...I can light the way in which you may not had ever bothered...Have faith in me and I shall grow...And for this a gift you shall bestow...

When you have dreamed a thousand dreams,

And one after another oppose each other..

Took day after day and waited forever it seems,

Just each night being harder and a continuous smother.

My smile mistaken for happiness not fear,

Behind my eyes I was forsaking  all to come..

Pain and misery almost too much to bare,

Not realizing what was it all to become.

Alone shall I walk into my dying days,

No more do I have for one to take..

Inside dormant there it shall stay,

I am done with a life I can not make....


Blessed Be!



A wish to wash all bad away,
For it shall release this Witches day.
Carry forth thee will and be strong,
And ye shall find where to belong.
If your path shall become broken,
Remember these words as now spoken...

"I give to you my light to follow,
And my tears to fall in time of sorrow.
I bleed my heart for it is true,
One wish per time I give to you."


As my path does narrow..completion becomes unknown,
For I had walked so long knowing I had to reap what was sown.
The forgiving and gentle woman that I was then,
Had always given in..in hopes but yet taken again.
Never not once understanding why this should be,
Was there something I missed..something I did not see..
Did I give too much in needing a simple return,
Is there a true lesson here for me to learn?
The possibility of finding the one I so desire,
Is it so slim that I shall cast it into the fire?
I walk the path with a twisted fate,
Unlike another..to find my true mate...



"The Calling"


I had made a plea a couple of years ago, For my love to come for me to bestow. As days past and time did so creep, My heart weakened and my soul did weep. But as quick as the night does fall, He skipped in step to answer my call.. An unspoken promise to always be there, Not knowing it should turn out so unfair. (unfinished)



If only for a moment I could have held her ,
And saw the face of love so pure.
I cast a dream for only you to know,
For never to remember a day of cold.
I will walk with you when the time is here..
Not an ounce of sorrow we just hold dear.
I know your eyes so I saw see..
You know my heart for this is me.
I cry not tears of sorrow..
For our time we only borrow..
Now you shall play in a field of butterflies
And listen to the sound of a willows cry.



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