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Spanky Im Back's blog: "1st Contest!!!"

created on 03/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/1st-contest/b197748
Guess who's on the auction block again?? Photobucket That's right it's the one and only DJ Spanky~AKA~Meg! Photobucket You know you want to own this girl. She's A member of the Club Sizzler STAFF, HOTTEST NEW LOUNGE ON THE FU!! Photobucket The auction starts April 21st and lasts for 2 weeks so come by and even if the bids are to steep at least rate the photo please(the most rates wins a prize) Photobucket Just click the link below and place your bid!! Come on you know you want to ;-)

Ok everyone here are ending counts for my first contest. Last place goes to...... Mamasita with 120 comments and 26 rates for a total of 146. She tried her hardest and I think she deserves a BIG PIMPIN GIFT just for trying!! 3rd Place goes to........ Angel with 150 comments and 15 rates for a total of 165. So she gets a BLING GIFT OF HER CHOICE!! 2cd Place goes to........ Jasmin with 13,820 comments and 90 rates for a total of 13,910. She had a killer Bombing family helping her out and they did a great job so she gets her choice of a BLING PACK or 3 DAY BLAST!! and Coming in FIRST PLACE........... NEW ORLEANS GIRL!!!!! CONGRADULATIONS GIRL YOU HAVE WON YOUR FIRST FUBAR CONTEST!!! She had lots of great friends helping her out and I hope she gives them all a BIG thank you...(I'm sure she did) With 14,111 comments and 84 rates for a total of 14,195. She gets her choice of a VIP or 7 day Blast!!!! I would like to thank EVERYONE that was involved in this contest.... Entries aswell as there bombers! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and enjoy their prizes! So please all contestants Message me with your choice of prize and Thank you ALL again for everything!! DJ Spanky~Owned by My sexy Abby~Asst. Manager...Club Sizzler~

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Ok I finally decided to hold my first contest. It's gonna be a Me & My Closest Friends Picture contest. Any picture of you and one or more of your closest friends, whether it be Fu-friends or real life friends doesn't matter. Just pick your favorite picture (it can be made or you together in real life)and send it to me. The contest will begin @ 8am est on March 24th and will last for 2 weeks ending @ 8am est on April 7th. If you have any questions feel free to message me and I will get back to you ASAP! The prizes are as follows: First place gets choice of 1 month VIP or 7 day blast. Second place gets a 3 day blast or Fu-bling pack and Third place gets a Fu- bling prize. Here is the rules: 1: NO DRAMA!!! You or your bombers cause it and your gone!!! 2: You must have a salute to enter. 3: No cheatin!!! That means no scripts or anything along that line. If you are caught cheatin you will be gone! 4: Self bombin is allowed and encourged! 5: Rates are worth 3 points 6: This contest is to have fun so lets keep that in mind and just enjoy ourselves. Send me a private message with the pic or a link to the pic and I will get you entered. I thank you all in advance. Spanky~ Lounge Promoter~

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Ok everyone I'm on the auction block! Come see what you can get if you are the highest bidder!! Wanna Own me for a month? You could have your name next to mine and much much more!!! You know you want it, so come and get it! Just click the link below and place your bid. Bidding ends March 21st, so hurry up before someone steals me away!!!
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