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Joined on June 15, 2008
Joined on June 15, 2008
Joined on June 15, 2008

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  • Simply Meabdul
    Hi sweetieI hope you are having a wonderful day :)I am always looking for new friends I love friends!!!!!!I fanned and rated you the 10 you soooo deserve if you would like to return the favorthat would be wonderful!!!!!If you would like to be my friend please send me a friend requestand I will gladly accept!!!!!Please remember that my life is sometimes hectic and there willbe times when I don't have a chance to comment you :(But remember my friends are friends for life and you will alwaysbe in my heart :)If you ever need me please feel free to"shout"I will always be here if you need a friend!!!!!!!Love alwaysMarissa*kisses and hugs*Please stay safe :)

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Someoneabdul
    heyy :).. just stoppin by to show some love by rating your homepage a 10..Id REALLY REALLY appreciate if you could take 2 seconds to rate my page a 10 too..If your not sure how just come to my page and the rate scale is right under my profile pic.If not its ok!..(feel free to add me too if you wanna)Take Care -Ash

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Someoneabdul
    Welcome to FUBAR! I Stopped by Your Profile & I rated you a 10. If you can take a moment to rate me back that would be great....Have a great evening*STGiggles*MyHotComments.com

    8 years ago · Reply
  • Playboy DJabdul

    8 years ago · Reply
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