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50 Year Old · Female · Joined on August 24, 2006 · Born on June 9th · 2 referrals joined!
50 Year Old · Female · Joined on August 24, 2006 · Born on June 9th · 2 referrals joined!

k, so, about myself ...hmmmm... well, i'm 36 and a mother of 3 really great kids. they're 15,6 and 3... my 15 yr. old is bi-polar and it really takes a toll on all of us. i think i would like to connect to other people who have this disorder or are parents of someone with it... such a difficult thing to cope with and support is definately needed! not sure if there are blog's here, but if there are, you'll certainly read about my shit there! lol!anyway, i work hard and play harder for sure! i love to have physical jobs, and if any of you are familiar with "Lost" (who introduced me to this place) you know we work harder than hell, couple of tough broads i guess you could say! LMFAO! i love my tats and want more, i CRAVE more! love my piercings, CRAVE more! lol! actually, Lost and i are getting another today or tomorrow...i guess you could say i'm a biker bitch as well... well, without the bike right now anyway! hey, kids come first and all that rot, right? but, biker bitch at heart for sure... love to party by the fire with good friends and great drinks! lol! my favorite at the moment is the almighty Yager-Bomb,WOOOF! watch out for that one!well, thats about it for now, gotta get ready for work! that Lost is a friggin slave driver!!! LMAO! you know i love ya woman! i'll fill in the blanks later i guess... then maybe i can figure somemore shit out on this site... (any pointers? please leave em'! lol

50 Year Old · Female · Joined on August 24, 2006 · Born on June 9th · 2 referrals joined!
here's another diverse area, i've got lots of these! lol! of course, my kids are first on the list, nothing comes before them. them and anything that will benefit them such as opening local youth centers, being on committees that'll get them going! nothing ticks me off more than a stuffed friggin shirt that likes to be on these committees simply to look like they care and then they can't actually dig in and accomplish anything important!!! i am very interested in taking an active role in assisting in any way, children with mental disorders, parents of mentally challenged children. my daughter has a laundry list of disorders and around here there isn't enough support and believe it or not, there is actually a monopoly on the mental health care agencies... there just isn't enough awareness in this area of concern and there are SO many kids going through things, doing things like cutting or hurting themselves and MOST people i know go on ignoring the behaviors, keep it in the "back room" type of mentality... it's better to ignore it rather than have people actually know and be exposed! idiots! and this, at the expense of their own kids! now, on a lighter note! lol! i am sooo interested in finding time for MYSELF!!! LOL! DOES THAT EVEN EXIST FOR PARENTS?! i want to sit and read a book in a bubble bath, yea! with candles and incense and a damn bottle of wine or vodka! LMAO! i want to make a plate of food for myself and actually eat it rather than just hand it over to my boys! lol! ( and all of this from me who just said they are all about the kids! lol! all you parents out there understand where i'm coming from though... you know you do! lol) and, these are some of my interests..lol!
well, this is a fully loaded question... what are my musical interests... i'm so damned eclectic in this area there's no way i could pin any favorite down... lol! i love southern rock, classic rock,like The Band, holy shit, these guys WAILED! of course, at any given time they were on drugs or smashed, but, hey, that was part of their charm! lol! (also one of my favorite movies here... The last Waltz, one of the best video-ography's out there i think. i totally dig Sinatra and Otis... Otis is my man!!! then there's the old school funk, and i dig some jazz and definitely blues, the kind you find in dark, cigar smoke filled bars. then there is the crazy side of me that enjoys death metal!!! lol! like i said, VERY eclectic tastes.. lol!
Video Games
Video games? uuuch! pleeeease! my kids play the damn things so much, i can't stand to even think about them... i have no fav's because i couldn't get near them! lol! but, i do like the old greats like Space Invaders, lmao! not much of a challenge, but i like it anyway... hey, i'm a product of being a teen in the 80's!

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