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64 Year Old · Male · From Parsons, KS · Invited by: NUNYA · Joined on March 27, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 16th
64 Year Old · Male · From Parsons, KS · Invited by: NUNYA · Joined on March 27, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 16th

Hello there! I'm a 53 year old sheet metal fabricator who's a very hard working, responsible, caring, gentle, compassionate & loving person. Although I'm a smoker, I don't smoke inside or around non smokers and would like a relationship with a lady that doesn't, or has plans to quit so I can have a supportive partner to help me quit. I love to laugh and make those around me laugh. In the shop I work in, I'm the 'class clown' that makes everyone laugh,(except the foreman, who's favorite line is "This is a work place, not a playground!") no matter how bad their day is. I have a good stable job at a thriving local business that I've been at for almost 18 years. I'm very open minded and reasonably intelligent. (for a naturally blonde male...lol.) I have a very mellow, easy going personality and avoid unnecessary drama at all cost. I save the stress for when I really need it. Like if I was being chased by a bear or something like that. I have two grown daughters and a grown son. Between them they've blessed me with 5 grandsons & 2 grand daughters whom I adore. I'm a natural with children. Must be because I can think and play on their level...lol. I'm a simple man with simple taste. Growing up poor made me that way and I like it. I'm very 'old school' in the way I treat people. I'm extremely respectful with all people I come into contact with. Especially my elders and the ladies. I will not only open a ladies car door, but pull her seat belt out and hand it to her as well. I'm a very outgoing 'people person' by nature and love being out among the masses. Music is a very important part of my life and I enjoy all but most Country, even though I do love Bluegrass. I play both acoustic and electric guitar. Not really that good, but if my audience is drunk enough I'm acceptable...lol. I absolutely love to dance and will do so at the slightest hint of a song with a good beat. In private or in public. So if you would be embarrassed by a guy that busts a move in the middle of the Dollar Store if the intercom is playing something I like, then you might wanna reconsider meeting me. I don't claim to be good looking but have been told that I don't look my age. I don't know. You make the call on that one. I work a very physically demanding job, so my six-pack abs are still there, but as the years have gone by they've been covered with a layer of 'cuddle cushion'. I do know that most of the time I don't act my age. (In a good way) Below are lists of my likes and dislikes that may help you to get a picture of who I am.

These things make me happy:
Playing my guitars.
Baby animals. (especially puppies)
Seeing little children laugh and play.
The smell of springtime rain.
The sounds of a summer night.
The smell of fresh cut grass.
A road trip in my Chevy. (I call it my 'therapy')
The thumping music of a good live band.
The butterflies I get when I'm lining up to do battle in a demolition derby.
The excitement of watching a dirt track race.
Cuddling on the couch with a good woman.
Knowing my children & grandchildren are safe & sound.
More dancing.
More hugs.
More kisses.
The happy feeling I get after my morning prayer.
A movie with a happy ending.
Seeing people smile & laugh.
A good joke.
Watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
A day of fishing.
Hearing the loud exhaust of my '66 Chevy Impala SS.
Fixing 'broke' things for my grandchildren.
Chasing storms.
Being awarded with the hardest hit in a demolition derby.
Watching movies and TV shows that make me laugh.

These things make me sad:
Rude, overly sarcastic, cynical, hateful people.
Crying children.
Abused or neglected animals.
Racism toward any kind of people.
Vulgar language in a mixed crowd. (There's a time and place for that.)
Narrow minded people.
Abused and neglected people.
Disrespectful people.
Selfish people.
Dishonest people.
Violent tempered people.
Being forced to watch something on TV I don't like.
Boring rain with no thunder or lightning. (I am a storm chaser after all)
People that make fun of the less fortunate.
Lazy, dishonest people that collect disability so they don't have to work.

Well ladies, that's the condensed version of who and what I am. If you'd like to know more please feel free to contact me. And if not, good luck in your search.
Thanks for your time,

64 Year Old · Male · From Parsons, KS · Invited by: NUNYA · Joined on March 27, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 16th
Dancing,Watching dirt track racing,Storm chasing,Listening to live bands,Bass fishing,Building and driving demolition derby cars,Flea markets,Exploring junkyards full of old cars,Nature walks in the woods,Going to car shows,Flea markets,Taking my Monte Carlo SS on road trips,Playing my guitars,People watching.
Pretty much everything except Country.
Anything funny or informative.
My Grandfather. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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