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Joined on August 12, 2006
Joined on August 12, 2006

what can I say?, not that good at writing shit about myself, but I suppose I will give it a wee try, My name is Stewart, I come from Scotland which I can say has to be the best country in the world!, I'm an easy going guy who more or less gets on well with every one I know, although if you piss me off I will I will turn from easy going into one evil bastard in an instant. I love life and I love my amazing daughter Tia more than anything else in the world. I am here to make friends and meet old friends, maybe a relationship if it ever comes to that. I hate liars, espescially compulsive fantasist ones. Just be yourself, you don't need to impress me to make me like you, 'ya feel me'?...take it easy dudes!

Joined on August 12, 2006
not as vast as I would like cos I stay faithful to a handfull of bands for a few years then get bored and change my style, except the mighty Jamiroquai!!, the only band who can lift or change my mood without fail, new radicals, travis, supergrass, the bluetones, prodigy, stone roses, deacon blue, franz ferdinand, kt tunstall, jungle, beastie boys. Magic numbers, Kasabian. Can't stand all that fucking shit hard house stuff, I grew out of that when I was 18.

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