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45 Year Old · Female · From Waycross, GA · Invited by: SkullzLyfe · Joined on February 15, 2008 · Born on May 2nd · 12 referrals joined!
45 Year Old · Female · From Waycross, GA · Invited by: SkullzLyfe · Joined on February 15, 2008 · Born on May 2nd · 12 referrals joined!


Hi and welcome to my page.. While your here rate, fan and add me. I'll return the luv and if I don't it's because I missed it so just remind me.. I do get busy at BODY SHOTS. If you read my profile and find it interesting great. But if you want you can always come to *BODY SHOTS* and walk in and say HI Ya to me.That is the best way to get my attention. Take a moment and type something out saying hello, how are you, hope your day is going great... DO NOT leave your friends request blank. DO NOT ask if I have Yahoo, MSN or any other instant messenger. If you get me interested then I will ask to talk to you on messenger.

Most people do not know how to take me. You either love me or you hate me, there is no in between. I'm a straight forward, no holds barred kind of gal, and above anything else I'm brutally honest if you can't handle that then it is best not to request to be added to my page and just walk on by to the next one.

I am just me -- good and bad. I am...... a bitch, opinionated, determined, sweet, open minded, out spoken, caring, giving, trusting, smart as fuck, and honest. If I like you, you know it. If I don't, you know that too..... I don't let many people close to me, but the ones I do can stay there forever..... I am a strong person who has occasional weak moments..... I put up with A LOT of shit, but when I am done, I'm done!...... I will do anything in the world I can for my true friends...... I am funny, I love to just sit back and watch people...... I don't trust too easy, but I can recognize bullshit. Whether I want to call you on it depends on my mood. As for a man,When I am done, I'm done no coming back. I like money, but don't NEED it to be happy or have fun...... I get bored really easy. So something or someone has to stay interesting. Most people don't like me when they first meet me, which is fine with me...... Most people are intimidate by me and I love that...... Don't ask me a question if you aren't prepared for an honest answer..... I cry when I am pissed...... I have little tolerance for stupidity, ignorance, and bullshit..... I have LEARNED to walk away from a bad situation. ...... I am faithful to my friends and my man...... I love attention, most of the time... You can talk all you want about me, I don't care. I know who I am. But I will get pissed as hell if you talk about my friends....Above all like me or not but you will RESPECT me.I don't disrespect anyone and expect the same in return.

RATE & FAN me and I will return the love...

I Came On Here To Make Friends Not Fakes Ones. I Am Getting Really Sick And Tired Of All The Fakes On Here I Am A Person On Here Not A Number On You're Friends List.So If You're Going To Act Like A Fake And Not Be A Real Friend That Would Like To Sit Down And Talk And Get To Know Each Other Like GROWN ADULTS Then You Have No Business On My Friends List,And Delete Me I Really Don't Care At All Anymore I Know Who My Real Friends Are.

I am Me like it or not that is that.Some things I feel and believe :
1. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
2. Male or female be with someone that has great conversational skills because as you/they get older they will be as important as any other.
3. Don't believe all you hear or read, investigate , question then form a decision.
4. When you say I LOVE YOU mean it.
5. When you say I am sorry look the person in the eye and mean it.

I would love to meet a REAL man one day, but very hard to do online. So I'm Not looking for one here. I can buy games at a store if I want them. Most men just want cyber sex. NO! I DON'T CYBER! SO DON'T ASK!


When the time comes for me to let someone into my heart. They will have the key to my heart and soul, That my love is there for the taking.That I give them as much as I can.With my whole heart and soul. That all they have to do is ask me for it. It will be theirs for the taking. That we will be together from that day on to the end of time. That is true love.


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Get a Sexy, Colorful and Cute Comment from Commentsheaven.com TODAY!



45 Year Old · Female · From Waycross, GA · Invited by: SkullzLyfe · Joined on February 15, 2008 · Born on May 2nd · 12 referrals joined!

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