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 I want to let everyone know I still feel the same about the Skeleton Key. So if you are in my Family, a friend, perhaps I don't even know you, NO WORRIES this isn't in anyway for you, UNLESS you are running a key and your intentions are not known. HEADS-UP, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED! I AM JUST RETURNING THE SAME KINDNESS TO ALL THOSE MEMBERS THAT HAVE USED A S.KEY ALREADY and continue to do so, NOT TO MENTION THE FACT MOST OF THEM KEEP THEIR BLING LOCKED UP!(OH By the way Everyone is working on Achvo's not just you!) This is to honor all the members that can't buy a key or the bling sought after, and have to do the work the hard way and maybe even ask nicely if they can polish.(If you are that member, message me and I will help you how ever I can, that is if someone running a Key hasn't jumped on it already) HOPE YA ALL ENJOY THAT. SMILE now and have a great day. 💋
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