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46 Year Old · Male · From Kentucky · Joined on October 11, 2016 · Relationship status: Single · Born on September 25th


"Just trying to live it one day at a time like everybody else who's trying to do the same thing, my real friends say I should come with a warning label, that I am intimidating to some people for whatever reason

" just here to play the game, not browse ur inbox or peep ur nsfw folders for credits, and dude!! a rate and like doesn't mean I am Gay and you saying it or thinking it only shows your ignorance, just saying.. it's a game and "your not that important" and ladies I want to know your mind not your looks, because if she/her/you don't have any of the same interests as me then I don't care what they/she/you look like, and if you don't respect yourself I know your not going to respect me..

On the game side of Fubar I need to rate about 14k pictures, unless someone wants to gift me a cherry bomb it ain't happening because I'm just not that bored!, I don't read the gift drink rounds but the notifications I do, thanks to all who keep me s'faced and if you ever want to get me a sticky icky, or a.. lol like that'll ever happen"

"man this is like reading the fine print to something you shouldn't buy cause it costs you in the long run, fubucks are always accepted and appreciated I'll take all your unwanted ones any time."

"if you want to bling me, rate me, like me, add me, fan me, poke me, secret admire me, fu own me or even crush me I won't complain"


Many of the default pics/tags I do in exchange for help leveling or whatever the person wants to give, fubucks I can save for a spotlight, credit here and there I can save for whatever, maybe a sticky icky some day lol I mean for real, bling big/small I don't care I don't want to be know as the guy who sells altered pics, they are time consuming, usually 20 or more frames to work with for the animation, so no it's not easy to do, it's not a program that auto does anything for me, some take hours to do so think about that, I'm giving up my time on the site to make pics for you, that being said I am charging 3 credits per pic..


Don't hate me because I don't want to talk about b.s. or get caught up in ur lounge drama, grow up already and realize all day on the pc is a step closer to your grave, get out move around live a little damn..

Have a nice day!

If your read all this then that's awesome, blank friends requests will NOT be accepted.

46 Year Old · Male · From Kentucky · Joined on October 11, 2016 · Relationship status: Single · Born on September 25th

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