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62 Year Old · Male · fu-Owned by Ellohveeee and is worth 50,000,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on August 10, 2007 · Relationship status: Widowed · Born on April 16th · 3 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

JUST so you know NO I dont sell bling and if I do bling it is not by requests but out of loyalty and friendship. For you "Ladies" I dont want to see your tataz or cooter its just not something I would really pay to see on photos thats why they made tata bars or havent youheard of them.So stop asking me to bling you and no more unsubtle hints like OH I LIKE THE PURPLE CROWN GOODNESS GET A JOB AND PAY FOR SOME YOUR SELF AND SEE HOW HARD IT IS TO BLING EVERYONE WHO ASKS LET YOUR FAMILY AND FU FRIENDS HELP YOU.

I have a wide variety of interests.Some of which lately I have retired from dragracing a once great passion of mine.But no longer will I go past that starting line. The POW-MIA racing team wa sold today and there is nothingmore about that to say.About me and enlisted Marine at the age 16. Yes it was illegal but even my legal guardian didnt know my age didnt seem to bother my Mother she signed me right away.!969 was that year no boring war stories to talk or mention.Got out in 1973 followed my true love south to florida where my lifes savings bought us a home my first and attempt of living with a loving woman. Bad thing about loving women they dont seem to know who it is she is supposed to be the lover to and thats what she did had a lover or two. Somuch for happiness in Florida and it ended ugly in late 1974. Came back to where I was born Richmond Kentucky. In the spring of 1975 I was accepted in the graduating class of 1979..R O T C gave me what I desired and thought I needed a commision back into the arms of the United States Marines in Reserve, Went active duty from 1980-2005 where I retired and when not deployed I served as one of Kentuckys finest Kentucky State Police retired in 2007.
For those who just has to know every little detail of someones life and this is so I dont go off on some dumbass.
I have twin sons they will be 25 in Feb 2013 they dont really know me as I was gone for 21 years of thier life. I have a daughter who will be 18 in April 2013 her and her 16 year old brother thinks I am already dead Something thier mother thought of while I was on my last tour overseas.
SO when I say I live alone then you know why I have 4 childred who never visits their Dad.

Marrage number 1 I lost to my career and number two I lost to cancer that was 1997 been single ever since. An attempt of few on here left me bitter and assured no such thing as real love in a world of fakes and destroyers of your trust. Think it best I stay single and away from all the heartbreakers and destorters of the truth. Enough said about a relationship on here a word to the wise what you bring here be ready to leave here.
Now about my family members I didnt charge you a thing to be in it. ANd for those that added me to thiers I appreciate it but it seems wrong to me to discard a family member just to sell thier spot out so if you dont have me as a family member and you have like 30+ family members yet I get tossed out Please dont take it personally when you find your butt evicted from my family. If you are good enough to enjoy free points on a famplfier then why should I have to pay for a free spot in yours I feel I am not good enough so you will be removed accordingly and no I wont let you buy our way into a place that is free to come and go just dont USE ME for the points then let me go.
Updated March 16th 2013
If you are a female and use the following phrase be sure you under stand it before you say the following" I LOVE YOU " . 1 If you ARE happily married or in a lasting and happy relationship then that phrase and those words are to be reserved for that one you do love.As some profiles even mention HAPPILY MARRIED and NO FU BOYFRIENDS wanted or sought after and then some Ladys have the nerve to say I LOVE YOU to single me WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO the single men and to the word LOVE how trivial you have now made one of the most beautiful words or event in our short lifetime and some of you Ladys toss it around like it was a way of saying hello.If you use that word on me JUST SO YOU KNOW I will think you are a liar and you are decieving me and yourself and there is no room for me in your lieing life. If you say something Ladys MEAN IT OR DONT FLIPPING SAY IT PERIOD/

My Bestie Ellohveeee

62 Year Old · Male · fu-Owned by Ellohveeee and is worth 50,000,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on August 10, 2007 · Relationship status: Widowed · Born on April 16th · 3 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
General interests
Music Mostly Pink Floyd and not hardly any country music I sometimes feel down enough.
I do like a good conversation now so long as it doesnt enclude things like I REALLY DO LIKE THIS BLING and the word Need is used here to I dont understand what a rock star blind has something to do with a real need.
I dont like a bunch of bullcrap and liars so kind be for-warned you may have burned me in the past not anymore and if you think you are going to burn me again stand in line to kiss my ass.
Friends on here its a game I am told the more you have the higher you go.Guess level 54 is where I will stay I dont have the drive or the competiveness to spend that kind of money to be green or a red or last to come along a golden name not where I want to be at in this place at this time.
I learns slowly and sometimes costly but here is what my studies have found
Point Hooker(i'll be nice) one who prefers you bling the crap out of them only r/s and bommers auto11s are nice to and every L E Bling possible. Oh they never ask for one bu tell you good things to hear supposedly from thier heart to yours. BE VERY AWARE OF THESE CREATURES THEY ARE GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO AND HAVE YO IN THIER SIGHTS AS SOON AS YOU SAY HI.
Bling HOOKER see above and these specimens get upset if you waiste your credits on your friends and they dont get all they want so they turn to others so they get thier blings. Again see above last statement to see the outcome OH always be prepared to get blocked when you confront them with the truth and it will happen.

As of today if you are a dumbass and ask me blaintantly for a bling and I dont know you or sleep with you then expect your name to start the list of the dumbest requests made from me and I will back it up with the page of dumbass shame so quit asking me to bling you unless that is you waking up beside me and that aint happened this century hit up your real life husband or boyfriend NOT ME
O K Let me say this quite plainly
TIM updated 11-12-12
Newer Update 13-05-2012
I dont give a rats rump if you are single married seperated divorced or even widowed and NO GUYS I AM NOT FRIGGING GAY I just dont want to ever hear that lieing ass words that is surrounded by and I and a YOU and if you put LOVE between the two then try another fool this one learned that to be not true.
words I have found new definitions for Happily Married means I like to talk to you and get as close as I can without being untrue to my Husband in real life. On FUBAR that means talk to me fall for me and keep your hands off of me. Confused yet if not just keep reading.
Its complicated In real life they mean I want to be blinged and made to feel so special and treat me like a queen but NO WAY WILL I LET MY GUARD DOWN AND LET YOU KNOW MY BOYFRIEND STILL LIVES WITH ME and I wont change that for anyone.
IF they are married they arent gonna divorce over anyone on fubar
If they say they are single just means that most of them sleep in a single bed and their boyfriend or HUSBAND sleeps in the other bed but the same bedroom.
Now that I have confused myself and made an ass out of myself again and felt that sting of reality
its time for a vaction again.
Dec. 2013
Aug 20th 2014
I dont care who you are or what you are running for please do not send me lounge invites or these RATE MY PHOTO HUNNY when thats the only time I hear from you all and you didnt even like or rate my page. NEED something required for the betterment of health of yourself or a loved one a WANT is nothing more than asking to be given something that you dont have the desire to earn on your own so please quit the begging crap it makes you look cheap.
Music rock as I mentioned before Pink Floyd is my choice.
Games I dont play any on here or with anyone elses life to me its to presious to play with as it is.
One of my most favorite movies The natural
for the Love of the Game.

I dont have any idols.

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