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Angel in my Mind and a Devil in...
8,340 Plays
Club Girl
1,950 Plays
H-O-O-D M-I-N-D (Fat Joe beat)
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I Never Made It
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Judgement Day (Joe Budden beat)
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Just Want You to Know
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Slay Em
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40 Year Old·Male·Invited by: 47478·Joined on July 29, 2007·Born on November 30th·8 referrals joined!·I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
i just like chillin, partyin. going out having fun, meeting new peoples. live every day like its the last. everyone always says right before you die, your life flashes in front of you, make it worth watching

i like mainly hip hop. but i love phish too, weird combination. i really only like hip hop cuz i got some friends doin that shit, they gonna be famous one day, i know it. and i just started doin some myself, been steadily getting better, so we'll see.

like scarface, blow, belly. them types of movies.
don't have any specific idols, just everyone that keeps it real.
Video Games
dont fuck wit video games, waste of time. use that time tryin to get rich.

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