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Devil On Your Shoulder
5,202 Votes
12,750 Plays
God Invented Days Like...
748 Votes
789 Plays
Higher Planes
4,929 Votes
7,027 Plays
Left Behind
745 Votes
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Ready For The Bite
726 Votes
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She May Be Evil
734 Votes
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Signs Of Life
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Tears Of My Immortal Soul
4,655 Votes
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The Haunted
709 Votes
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The Mastermind
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The Rise And Fall Of...
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The Traveller
4,494 Votes
4,767 Plays
The Woes Of Atlas
2,241 Votes
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682 Votes
702 Plays
4,480 Votes
4,721 Plays
When The War Comes Home
654 Votes
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Whom Gods Destroy
2,215 Votes
2,299 Plays
Male·From Nova Scotia, Canada·Joined on September 4, 2014

Whom Gods Destroy are an independent, old-school metal band from Nova Scotia, Canada. Formed in 2005, the core members of the group are Eli Bondarenko (bass & synth), Tim Gaudet (guitar & vocals) and Adam Bondarenko (lead vocals & drums). Despite being plagued by ongoing health problems and a serious lack of finances, WGD have kept the ship afloat through the years by the strength of their passion for classic heavy metal and their ever-present sense of humour. Always focused strictly on original material, they released their first four-track CD in 2007, followed by the full-length "Signs Of Life" album in 2011. Now, 2017 sees the release of the long overdue "Far Reaches" CD, available to order at: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/whomgodsdestroy2
The full album can also be downloaded for FREE at CD Baby, as well as the following:

Latest Status

  • Whom Gods Destroy Dear friends, fans & FUpals! I apologize for our absence here over the past few months, but my poor old computer has been having a great deal of trouble loading this website for a long time. It has become extremely tedious and practically impossible to keep up. Until I eventually have something more up-to-date, our activity here will remain limited. But I do want to thank you for your continued love and support on behalf of the band! You know who you are, and YOU ROCK! The best way to stay in touch with us is via Facebook, but for those of you that don't use FB, you can always email: whomgodsdestroyband@gmail.com We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and we wish you a happy, heavy, hard-rockin' new year! - Eli
    1 month ago · Comment

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