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***One whole Year of amazing Memorys that I will Never Forget*** Ty to all my true,real,honest...Friends for making this year a year that i will always hold in my heart! A year that i realized there was such thing as True friends!My fu family is the MOST AMAZING on Fubar! I hope u all know how much you mean to me and i want to thank you all for being there when it was most needed and being there when sometimes it felt like the whole world was walking out! Sure Confidence makes me Sexy But My Friends are what mostly Make me Confident!There Real!Honest!True!Caring!& Loving! They are not 2 faces! They dont backstab! & they are not all about the Points!They are here for friendship and so am I and thats what makes My fu family the most amazing on fubar!*** **Show mad Love to these amazing men & woman!They deserve it and a lot more***( No certain order just grabbed links lol) Chuckiiboo

@ fubar chuck

@ fubar SPIKE

@ fubar Mrs.S.

@ fubar Wonder_Woman™ Owned by Rapsnap

@ fubar BURG ~ owned by Ms Heather~ Fu-engaged to Your Ultimate Desire

@ fubar K:M:P

@ fubar the neighbors house

@ fubar Qtazabutton

@ fubar Tώåunε Vålêntïnô™ *§näke Ëyeš ®ädïð *

@ fubar ☆H☀ЯnY ÅnGe£© ☆ »D.S.C.«

@ fubar The Polish Sausage

@ fubar ^^Antti^^ aka AnttiSocial aka omg he's escaped -[Rating Revolution]- }Pink Pu$$cat Enforcer{

@ fubar ÇhЯΧ†Ïñå VËrØÑÏçÅ4U¤FûߪЯz"Mا†"FÏné$†™CO~CEO ØЯigÏÑål ßéªutïfûl Ð離stêr

@ fubar The Baddest MILF®

@ fubar +MRMostunderated+ (shadowleveler)(*Dgizzle the pu$$ycat pimp)(stalker2/stalked by lil freakstar)

@ fubar Ty everyone for being yourselfs and for being True to me! Love you all!!! ***These are just a few of the many memorys on fubar that I will never forget!!*** ***My very 1st Pic used as my Primary on Fubar*** ***My 1st Ranking ever*** ***My 1st Blast***i've come along way with the screen shots LOL ***My 1st happy hour*** ***April of '08 Chuckii gives me the gold bar Qt award:)*** ***May 3rd,08 i made Godmother*** ***May 16th I got Spotlight***(Was the most amazing experience! & to think ppl thought my ten mill bid was high back then! lol wonder what they think now!) ***June 10th,08 i made disciple*** ***July 5th made prophet during my hh*** ***September 30th The day I made Oracle*** ***12/31/08 Made Top promotors!!! & was #4 in top Owned with an amazing bid by the neighbors house of almost 40 Million Fubucks:)*** ***1/2/09 I made Angel***:) That is just some of the most awesome experiences i've had on Fubar! And i owe it all the my true friends & Family! If it wer'ent for ya'll I woulda never made it this far!!! Love you all & i want each and every one of u to know how much i appreciate you and thank god to have you all be a part of my life!xo's ♥ Jess ***Also I'm up for Auction Right Now!!!Wonder womans holding a special auction just for me for my one yr fuversary!!! Check it out! Place a bid! Rate some pics! Spoil me! Love me! I always return the lovinz!!!*** Just click this pic below:) This Smexi bully was brought to you by the One & Only........ ♡Confidence Is What Makes Me Sexy♡Fubars 19th Oracle*

@ fubar
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