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Slippin Slide Productions's blog: "1-08"

created on 04/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/1-08/b207249
Internet Datin Enter-the Nightmare Short, quick, and simple, if u can’t “keep is simple stupid (Kiss), two simple words 4 u, FUCK (not Friends U Can Keep) It. Yeah, fuck it, cuz it or u will b just getting on someone nerves. Lets just say u planning on venturing out with one and so happen another profile cums along, this is when all the masquerades soon escalates 2 headache status. Been thru that and survived, fortunately no one is dead, a couple probably wishin someone was or they would kill just 2 do it again. Fuck that, or should I say, I could, but fuck it. NO, more of that drama no matter which side of the screen it is on. Tired, no! changing somewhat? yeah, preferences, until betta comes along, maybe no on a screen, never will or could afford 2 believe never won’t. never only implies u really don’t want 2 never believe what could happen. Lmfao, cuz if, excuse me, let me keep Mouth Shut! C men and women r constantly chasin, if they on the street they use their eyes and their mind just do the talking. If they in cyber, they use their eyes and allow themselves 2 hide behind nothing. N their fingers snitch on their mind just flips the fuck out! Sometimes this shit would make u have 2 clean off ur keyboard, (not me. I don’t try them sort of things at home). But no they get 2 building bridges that people r so anxious 2 cross and they on the other end waitin 2 stamp ur ticket or lock u down 4 bein a stowaway. I been there done that, sorry 4 my victims, not sum who cry wolf and believe they one of them three little pigs. Those that know of me inside and wherever else can stick 2 claims, others dry ur fuckin eyes, cuz u would still b fucked up, if u were allowed 2 become my victim. When u fuck with people off these sites, u might b a site 4 sore eyes in person or vice versal, but one thing 4 certain and anything goes, u don’t know who the fuck u fuckin with. Some people got more issues “different topics” at that, then a newspaper stand. Ever heard of the term mixed up as a bowl of fruit, I have been (by sum), haven’t been 4 long (by my own omission), and have made my own arrangements on those that needed 2 b. Very seldom do I assume, so u know my ass ain’t sleepin with both off closed 2 certain situations. It is like a club, u know if ur ass belong. Stop tryin 2 fit in where ur ass can’t afford 2 get in. Do like parents tell their children, LOOK! - don’t TOUCH! This is not like in the Chinese store, ur heart get broken someone responsible 2 buy it, I got some mental bandages 4 it “Move On”! Or if u feel like u so pinned between a rock and wantin a hard or soft place, enter the net, just don’t get trapped in this mother fucker! I am claimin nothing or admittin 2 a damn thing, but I know I am not famous. Stars r in the sky, Hollywood (some), in ur head after a get knocked upside it, Lucky Charms cereal, but if u ever venture off the page and into the rooms, I can make u see the moon, feel the milkyway, and see stars! Without the use of a space shuttle or drugs. Since it is a shortage of men, women claim, don’t b afraid 2 holla. Like I said, I never want 2 say never, especially since this is a sort of GPS 4 some women trying 2 find the man missin in their life or lien, just don’t twist the facts and think I am ur child’s rubic cube. LMFAO. Just havin fun, BELIEVE IT? Or NOT? LMFAO U should 2.
We do recover. I am. I'm Carlton and I ‘m a recoverin addict. I’m recoverin and I don’t find a problem with letting it b known. I guess u sayin 2 urself well what r u tell me 4? I can turn around and honestly say, what u reading this 4 then? But it is not about that now. I am just sharing the betta part of me has now been activated again and with improvement it will blossom 4 a betta tomorrow. I just got 2 say b careful what the hell u pray 4, cuz it won’t show up when u allow it or how u looking 4 it. Put it 2 u like this, when u least expect it, yeah, not how u pictured it, hell no, how u want it repeat after me, hell fuckin no. Can u deal with it when it comes? Depends on how open ur mind is and how much selfishness u have mounted on ur shoulders. I don’t have lot of a lot of things, thank God brains is not one, so when I got g my answer, I knew what the dilly was and didn’t run from it, basically I couldn’t. In china 8 symbolizes luck, now I can look at 2 ways, in 08 I prayed 4 a new way of life, given another opportunity 2 grow, in other words. I guess forgot a lot of things had 2 balance out or had 2 b faced before I could face the direction of the yellow brick road. Friday 4 some mean payday, mine 2, I was moving that day when I was 2 awaken, so I thought. That night I blew the roof off climbin 2 the moon, without the hell of Scotty, Cpt. Kirk, or Dr. Spock. That morning I was turning over 2 Baltimore’s Police Department personal alarm clock (poundin on the door). This alarm alerted ur fears, the house is surrounded cum on out with ur hands up. Out of 6 of us in the house/hotel/hi-tel, 3 of us knew and wanted 2 follow directions, 2 of us with out secret now about 2 b brought 2 reality knew betta, and the main one that they was huntin 4 made it that much more impossible 4 us 2 avoid possibility wakin up without the chant feed-up (meal time in jail). After this dilemia went on 4 couple of hours, the task force decided they must b finished hidin or flushin the drugs, which was now and they wasn’t there 4 that! I believe they think they gave us a enough time 2 use what we had left. Stupid, that was done hours ago. It wasn’t about getting no last head, butt, or going fishin, cuz all the bitches in the house was terrorified and confused, if they wasn’t uncertain with themselves, they wasn’t sure about whomever else. Mind now no one can avoid b-in this hostage, cuz we eat, sleep, and live rent here and the proceeds was goin 2 the hunted. Betrayin him was not an option. We would have took the harvestin a fugitive out of loyalty. Put it 2 u like this we was prayin like shit they leave. We was quietier then a disconnected phone and scared as a kid runnin home from bullies after school. Well u can imagine what happen after that moment. Well pinned up in jail yet again, I reflected on what got me there. Not the day I got caught in the house raid, which lead me to becum David banner black cuzin n b on the run 4 a year. I was doin good, until they stumbled across me lookin 4 someone else. What was funny only one person, other then myself remembered or got reminded I 2 was on the run. Shit 4 a minute I sort of forgot my damn self. No, it was in fact what or how I prayed 4 serenity and I learned it certainly don’t have or wasn’t going 2 b the way I wanted 2 receive it. I needed this lesson, cuz I 2 failed 2 live up 2 what I was offerin in return many times 4 my prayers when answered Just 4 today b careful what u pray for and who u use or what cuz it might just haunt u the rest of ur life. Some times surrending and givin the higher power the chance he gave u will surely save ur life. If it worked 4 me, it definitely will work 4 anyone, who wants 2 change or grow up.
when do u let ur son go? when he 25, do u snatch him back home, cuz he just got out of jail and fed u more sad stories then in the bible followed up by promises? Do u not push some sense in his already cloudly brain, cuzed not by weed, which they claim, but due 2 they think it is all about them!? well if u noticed they want 2 be fruitful, multiple, jobless wouldn't it make some sense 2 smarten up 2 dummies with one lesson? I know some mommas would, but not the one i know. Anyway, i have witnessed someone throwin piss out a window on me and then tryin 2 offer me a umberella claimin it is rainin. this was all a strong effort 2 avoid me and her constantly arguin over when she goin put her foot down, stop believin pinocchio, who only cares about himself. she knows this and refuses believe just cuz either it is her son, he now a muslim (who was once a koolide boy, wannab blood), or cuz of a grandchild, he don't even want 2 b bothered with cuz of some new love interest. confused by the fact, i don't pull punches, she rather me not say anything about her son, which shows how much of a failure she was tryin 2 raise boy 2 a man. somewhere along the timelime she forgot she couldn't include drugs, drama, and streets 2 have their input on both ends. N if the process haven't change, except 4 the ages, but the drama, drugs, and streets now are accompanied by pussy and children, i wish she would look at the fact, it is 2 fuckin late! when and why do mothers cry over blood but won't praise brains or at least instill some. don't talk about things u have no control over get ur lazy ass up and put an effort forward. show u r not a friend, but a parent. if u goin live under thy roof, contribute, work, share, and become a providin force and join the ranks. this is the only way grandmothers can b proud of their seed and his offspring, cuz without it the cycle is sure 2 continue.
yes, potholes (potheads, with no brains, they fell out that hollllleeee, in their head, oh my. i don't feel 4 them, but i do feel 4 those that encounter, r force 2 listen 2 one of self pityin conversations about nothing (themselves), fuck b--ing around or related 2 one. get a rope and jailhouse style hang urself. O it won't 2 them cuz they going 2 get mad cuz u can't get a ticket 2 their pity party. what a fucked up shame.s the thing about this it don't have 2 b anybody that just SMOKE Weed, it goes down the list startin with them shiesty crackheadss, tweekin Meth heads, and so on. (N just cuz u smoke weed, don't think u r exempted from the meth or the crack, cuz sum niggaz mix it 4 u and u buy it.) Shit, if i go any futher i will b callin out names and lord knows those individuals, if they could read this at the time, would b in denial (Don't Even NO I Am Lyin). When u r related 2 one of them selfish ass indulgants, who if they missed gettin high that day, u would swear they missed a days work. Not 2 mention, if u don't have no dead presidents 2 contribute, u no it was ur fault they didn't get high. tell tail sign, their face b twisted up, like u stepped on their foot. then they can't just talk 2 u now. no them mofo's got the nerve 2 snap at u, like their lips r mouse traps. they fuck with the wrong one n get their lips swelled, like they was allegry 2 seafood. i encounter these same two everyday. they r an ignorant tagteam of selfish mofo's (moma and brat) everyday. it get 2 the point i don't even act like i am deaf, i just react like a mute and act retarted, not mentally challenged. it is like turnin on the lights n send roachs runnin. case and point, if they can't put them potholes in the floor in front of u, guess what? they can't share their misery, unless u want 2 b a season ticket holder 2 their pity party. My point is if u have 2 b around those mofo that can't get high b/4 the day is out. find the nearest exit and run. cuz the mofo that think he can make u fall due 2 his or her potholes can't really b good or any company. then n again u tell them mofo's evict urself from my circle. ur prediciment is not my problem, u r the problem. just cuss their ass out.
damn, i am finally writin a blog about u, yeah, i know about time, dag. that is what u r probably sayin, hell that is what u r sayin, we know each other very well. bay bay sister i missed the shit out of u. u flood my mind like new orleans floods everyday. i can't dimiss ur disappearance 2 a minimum, 4 nothing. i don't think ur lost will b coped with in my soul. i couldn't never answer the question of would i go b/4 u. instead i was shown the dready reality. i don't even know how the hell my family feel, cuz i haven't contacted them nor have i attented ur funeral. some people r probably sayin how selfish, true, 2 a degree. but like i know myself, i don't do good at funerals. i probably won't attent my own, if i have my choice. shit my family do likewise, they tend 2 want 2 blame others and fight them like they cuzed it. since i was definitely like ur twin, born years earlier, they was going 2 target me like they did at the last funeral. me, jail, graves, or anything negative is like oil and water, we don't mix. i couldn't pretend 2 act like a was handlin something, i still haven't began 2 wonder how it all materialized 2 begin with. i just thank God, i got 2 really know my baby and she became my one n only overstander of me. she knew who i was and y i did what i done 2 people, especially family. if i didn't fuck with u, she of all knew y, cuz the feelin was definitely the same with her. no one can replace u baby girl, no matter what they try or how they believe they r just as much the antidote, 2 my happiness. more then likely them playin stupid, is what they really r, if they believe or want me 2 forget u. shit i will always hear ur song cry. shit u make me, an old ass tough mofo, from the bronx, cry damn near anytime i think of u. shit it is a statement 4 alot 2 say they know u had 2 b a beautiful person, even if they don't know u. shit all they have 2 think of the person they cherish the most, like a chile, mom, father, and shit they can overstand y i got it comin down my eyes N makin the letter cry. can u imagine urself havin cancer, fightin 4 years and all of sudden ur sister die of an ashma attack. if u feel like me, she was suppose 2 bury me not viceversa. i don't care what no one say, the last is not suppose 2 die b/4 the 1st born. 1/08, she at least brought in the new year. bye Ron-d.
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