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created on 06/11/2007  |  http://fubar.com/-/b90677

Does Anyone know of any contests or anything going on? I want to win a God mode or bling packs or something. 

I am out of school until next month so I might actually have time to play around on here for a change. So let me know, k?

And the winning bids are:


Yitzchok - 5 million fubucks - Sproet

Blk GOLD - 10 mil fubucks 
my points on a double points day or unlimited 11s day (ur choice) - Cutemommy

Philemon -  Cherry Bomb - mandaSMASH

LilBoops - I bid 5 3-day blasts, to be run concurrently (at same time) - Passion s Fire

Skittlez - 30 mil, 1 boomy and a 25 credit bling pack - Simply Twisted

Reeka - 1 month VIP, 35 credit bling pack - Monica The Great

TuttiFukknFruity - 15 million and a boomerang - JeniWren

Crazy Lips - 25 cred BP, 7 mill fumoniez, 3 nights cuddling spoon style - Kloverlynn

Witchie - 15 million and a boomerang - JeniWren

Pedro El Awesomeo - VIP and 25 cr bling pack - Lola

Jenni - 26 million fubucks - DurhamNtx


Also, Crazy Lips has won the boomerang for most rates, but has opted to give it to Skittlez...Congrats guys :)

.....need lots of love!!










You can find them all in my family list....hit the rest of my family while your at it :)

I work 12 hours today so I won't be here until sometime tonight. I don't mind doing the 12's, but it sure would be nice if they weren't 10am-10pm.


Anyways, the auction is going, still taking entries, but if you want to get something good, you should start now!! 


I need 21 fans and 3.4 million points to level, help me if you can please, thanks :)


You all have a good day, I'll be back tonight.

Well, I'm still taking entries...


I have a ticker I used to promote.


I wouldn't be opposed to more pimpouts to help promote. (Thanks Witchie)


Make sure you are all promoting yourself too!


I need fans! So while you are promoting, you might throw that in there :) (thanks again, Witchie)


Good luck guys! I hope you have fun!!

Wanna Sell Yourself???


Join My Auction!!!


Starting on Sunday, October 17, I am going to start an auction of my fellow Fubarians. Listed below are the rules of the auction. 

  1. All bids have to be approved by the person being auctioned.
  2. Each contestant will need to make a list of what they are willing to offer to the winning bidder, and has to follow through with the list.
  3. The winning bidder must follow through with the bid, so make sure it something you can actually give.
  4. Each contestant will need to submit a photo with a list of what they are offering to my shoutbox or a private message.
  5. Have fun!! Thats what it is all about!!
  6. Keep it clean. I do not want anything to be flagged, and if I catch anything that can be flagged, it will be deleted. 
  7. I will take entries through the whole thing, but you should get entries to me as soon as possible for more chances to get higher bids. 
  8. Bids will begin at 500K fubucks, but can also offer bling/bling packs, blasts, tickers, VIP, HH, or whatever else the contestant will except. There is no limit, but the 500K is a must.
  9. Each bid has to be higher than the last. For example, if the last bid was a 1 yr VIP, then something has to be bid worth more than the price of that VIP.

Just to add a twist, I will offer a boomerang to the contestant with the most rates. 

The contest will end on Friday, October 22...so let's get this rolling!!


Any ideas on how to level fast? I have some bling credits left, but not a whole lot. 


I'm not asking for bling credits or anything except for maybe ideas on how to level quickly by way of contests or whatever. I was thinking about having an auction, would any of you be interested in joining it if I hold it?

Let me know what you think. Thanks!


I just found out Friday that I got another job.


I will now be working 3 jobs plus going to school.

So that pretty much means I won't be on here a whole lot for a while, but I will still be around.

I promise I won't totally disappear like last time :)

Thats all I got...have a great day everyone :)

I wanna go for spotlight....wanna help me by donating???? Please do.


Thanks :)

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