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Falling for a guy, falling from the sky.... ask me to leave this behind... and I pray I falling for a guy from the sky.. ask me to leave this behind.. take time time to think I just ask him to here my feelings ask him to here my heart just this night falling falling just take this time to think think what he can have the truth is what hurts hold a gun to my head he's  never coming back this is not my words in my head never will come to me again falling for a guy, falling from the sky... ask me to leave this behind... good night my love as I sleep tonight thinking of you of boxes of hearts in the sky of colors of love all over me in a deep dream falling down falling down in love ask me to leave this behind.. sleep deep sleep deep for your love will never come by just ask me just ask me yes yes dear love dear love I'm falling from the sky this night as I sleep thinking of you love boxes hearts falling for you from the sky I sleep tonight thinking of you deep deep dream of love    LoVe GiRL my heart is B

Reassure you my love, fresh expressing love on this night sea's music sounds rolling of the waves of the ocean. Paper moon above holds our love many colors. Sands of the sea, smooths over our body's. Molding hearts, silver and gold. Ocean sand, writing our names, waves wash away our dreams. Madly in love our soles are one travel ocean seas, music to our ears, advantages on the black sea of love our soft body's moves of the sea's rowing creaking against the ocean rocks thrown our love against all odds empowered  sea of love.    LoVe GiRL... OCean take me away of love 

Remembrance worse slides down                                                                                                     Relief of her mind                                                                                                                               Disturbing broking her down                                                                                                              

       His name, tattooed across her arm                                                                                                   Connections leads her down a dusty road with pain                                                                       Fought a urge to cry out his name to bring love back in her heart                                                   New tears slides down her cheeks, her secret went with her                                                           She kept her mouth shut of this love, she has love in her heart                                                       She knew of no answers, this night, this took her breathe away    

Driving inn the her car. Traveling on a dark road. No place to go She's a runner, swifter on a desert road in the deep night. Like a rhythm of the blues. She smells sweet perfume flowers in the air. Moon so bright this night it's leads her to a desert road. Glow of the moon sets off the red mountains, takes her breath away. Dusty road ends. She falls off a cliff, rhythm of blues, red mountains has her. Sweet smell flower in her hair, they say if you drive by the red mountains you can smell her sweet flowers in the wind all she wanted was love.

 Wild flower, skips to wonderland, yellow grass tastes of marshmallows. Lilly pads floating by twinkling. She wonders, so wonders of love She comes across a river of love,  takes a drink teates of red wine. A warmth comes over her slowly she falls to the ground. Feels a deep love she has never known, she can tastes , feel love. Real love. Wildflower in wonderland of love.    By LoVe GiRL 

Medical workers aid injured people at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon following an explosion in Boston, Monday, April 15, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)  My prays go out to them and the families, LoVe GiRL

She walks in a bar dress in a slim black dress with black high heels long red beautiful hair. Walks nice and slow smelling sweet she looks over the bar to find a place to set. Her moves  smooth, she orders a drink and lights a cig. Her eyes are dark brown with a soft look that make you fall in love with her.  she has a deep story behind them. She cross her long sexy legs away from the bar. She knows what she is doing. She plays this game so well. She gets her drink. She see this nice looking man across the bar playing pool he is pretty good at this game he is the talk of the town. He is handsome man she likes what she see,

he's not paying no mind to her. This is the first time for her. He knows she is looking at him. He loves playing games after all he gets what he wants, and he always wins. He plays big, for money. No one can beat him. He has dark hair and brown eyes easy on the women. He is a talker, he can talk a game. he is a winner. She passes him nice and slow hoping he see her. He keeps his eyes on the pool table deep inside he see her, not letting her know , His mind wonders thinking of  what it would be like to be with her. At a distance, he is pulling in by her eyes, soon enough there eyes meet. Just a little game they both played. He refuses  her. Until she stops and sets by the pool table. She asked, can you buy a lady a drink. As he looked up from his game he looked at the bartender give the lady a drink on me. She looked at him with her sexy legs cross. He can't help looking at her and enjoy how sexy she is. There was something about her he was not sure about. He kept his mind on his game, he thinks to him self where did she come from. He wounder. She never been in here before. Was she sent here to fuck with me to loss, there was big money on his game. Then she pick up her drink walked away from the pool table. Not looking at him. And set down at the bar and light a cig and looked at him  as if she wanted him. There are no words, was incredible how he was feeling when he looked at her. She pulled her hair from her eyes,  he looked at her eyes they where beautiful. But at the same time like a child. He wanted her more as he study as the moments passed by. She pulled her self from the bar. As she passed him she blow him a kiss. His game was over and yes he won as always. He walked behind her to the back of bar. And there she stands with her sexy long legs long red hair, sweet brown eyes, deep full of love need to be wanted. As he pulled her panties down. She wanted him as much he needed her. They move to the wind blowing as one there lips meat he pulls her near and they fall to the ground make love heat of the night never before she feels so safe with a him. Takes her love  to the stars falling down from the sky. For that one moment she feels like a women. She scene incredible feeling she never known. He was a man a real man that took her to a place she won't for get. She will keep to her self. He says baby baby cum my baby. And She wants more of him and this night is when she falls in love with the pool player     bY LoVe GiRL     

I saw something so beautiful dancing in the wind sweet innocent child as I walked by our eyes meet slight moment so no words can say what we feel. Quietly as I move smoothly of memories I had, mistakes I caused slip from my hands. Falling down around me. Time standing still as I stand looking at her I hold memories dear to my heart how I was blissed. I grasp for air walking away I so wanted to go to her tell her I made a mistake. She is a beautiful star by the moon light sky. I miss her so    LoVe GiRL

what will come to be of love that comes your way give your all to the one may walk away are you sure love will stand by your side wounder life of true love hold so dear to your heart with pain your eyes see love your body feels love listen words of love last one day one year or more then you can feel have to walk away what will come of love you say your in love are you or is it just a funny kind of love you cry out for love hold out your hands

for love you die for love lie for love you take for love run from love move for love love another want them back for love  dream of love kiss for love hate for love  fuck for love you run to love one night stand for love you meet for love you don't know her name fall in love one look at her is love you kill for love steal for love hold her all night long tell her how much means to you tell a story of love take her to your bed lay next to her hold her tell her sweet words kiss her on her lips love moving faster as you move with the wind love is a dream hold her loving her nice and slow all a women needs to know you love her just I Love You hold her look into her eyes lay next to her love will last ten times more kisses to the moon look in to her eyes she will cry with love in her eyes  love is with tears      Kisses kisses kisses we fall in Love                                                                  bY LoVe GiRL to one that love to love I wish you love                                                                                                                                        

Deprive my love  Dependency love possession, addiction love is like a drug want more, more and more loving Depart love goes away leaves you with out knowing Deprive take away from love you had in life time Descry to catch love that passing by Descent walls falling down sudden attack of love Depress dark moon love Designing wall love Denial love so much it's not coming back keep going back for more more can't accept                                            bY LoVe GiRL    I like to say I'm happy to be back to my readers I was gone resting  I love to Thank You for being there for me when I was gone, I'm ready to get back what I do best. I love you all I really do Christine 

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